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Complete 14 page APA formatted essay: Medical Professionals.Download file to see previous pages Despite a big amount of literature on the subject organizational influences such as the management and o

Complete 14 page APA formatted essay: Medical Professionals.

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Despite a big amount of literature on the subject organizational influences such as the management and organizational culture, structure and style on the outcomes related directly to the professional development, have received very little attention. Therefore this paper would make a fair effort to identify those elements and apply the principles thereof to delineate the related learning outcomes.

The episodic experiences of the professional have a very far reaching impact on these outcomes. For instance this writer's learning experience as a trainee/student nurse has been influenced by a number of episodic experiences related to the administration of Cardiac pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) in the learning environment. The question of delegation of power, authority and responsibility played a very significant role in this context. As this writer experienced it the willingness to delegate power, authority and responsibility has a very far reaching impact on the related outcomes. In other words the level of motivation of a team of professionals or students is directly correlated to the level delegation. This is none so well articulated and presented than in the professional setting where the relative significance of each variable such as success rate of CPR and other activities is determined by the individual student's attitudes and capabilities. ...

The extent to which the professional is able to carry through this process in advancing career development is not so easily obvious though. In fact the student might as well make difficult decisions in respect of quality and finances. These developments have a greater bearing on the outcomes of the student's career development process. The scope for such advancement is constrained by a number of other factors though. These factors include the level of motivation and the level of education and training. As a student nurse this writer has been exposed to a variety of professional settings such as the clinical setting and the ultimate health care delivery setting in the hospital environment

2) Description

An adverse situation and individual involvement

Medical students such as trainee/student nurses should be capable of assisting in managing adverse situations such as when a patient is receiving Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR). CPR is an emergency measure when someone is in cardiac arrest or, in some situations, respiratory arrest. CPR is carried out in hospitals as well as in pre-hospital settings.

This particular trainee/ student nurse was once called upon to help a senior nurse to administer CPR process on a cardiac arrest patient while there was virtually no professional help that could be summoned. The person was involved in an accident on a trunk road where a head on collision took place. The sudden shock had a terrible impact on the person and I was dispatched with a senior nurse in an emergency ambulance to fetch the victim to the hospital.

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