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Complete 14 page APA formatted essay: Samsung Galaxy vs. Apple iphone (Actual Termpaper).Additionally, the devise solutions section is divided into either semiconductor or LCD division. The company ha

Complete 14 page APA formatted essay: Samsung Galaxy vs. Apple iphone (Actual Termpaper).

Additionally, the devise solutions section is divided into either semiconductor or LCD division. The company has grown significantly both in profitability and innovations with new products being released year in year out. As it celebrated its 40 years of operations in 2009, Samsung Electronics was ranked first among worldwide IT companies. a fete that the company had not achieved previously.3 In 2010 Fortune 500 ranking, Samsung was placed twenty second and this was a rise with ten places and became the ever best placed Korean Company. Samsung Galaxy phone is among the most recent product released by Samsung Electronics as it continues to offer its customers products that are update with changes in technology. The first Samsung Galaxy phone in the series was released in June 2009. On the other hand, Apple iPhone is produced by Apple formed in 1976 by Steven Wozniak and Steven Jobs. For a long time during its existence, Apple concentrated in manufacture of computer although in the past decade Apple stopped specializing in computers alone positioning it to compete with other players in the industry.4 For instance in 2001, Apple produced iPod and since then the company has become a major producer of music players. In 2007, Apple Company entered into the mobile phone sector with release of its Apple iPhone. Apple operates under the philosophy of “comprehensive aesthetic design” and uses unique advertising campaigns and this has enabled the company establish a strong reputation in electronics industry and retain a strong consumer base.5 This report compares and contrasts management strategies used by Samsung and Apple Inc to distribute their smart phones in an international market. Samsung Galaxy and Apple iPhone In July 2009, Samsung Electronics released its first smart phone. Samsung Galaxy, model i7500. Samsung Galaxy is a series of different models of phones manufactured to run on Android operating system (OS).6 The fact that these phones are developed to operate on Android OS allows them to run different applications giving users different functionality. The move to manufacture Galaxy phones were changes in technology and availability of Android which is an open source OS, that is, it can be accessed freely from the internet. Additionally, Samsung wanted to offer to its consumers a product which can run an array of applications. By using Samsung Galaxy phones, users are able to download materials using high internet downloading capabilities, can access libraries from their phones and a large internal storage space.7 Samsung Galaxy also offers customers high quality music and pictures given that they run various music players. Samsung Galaxy phones have a relative small dimension that therefore a user can carry it a round comfortably in the pocket.8 Following the release of the first Galaxy phone, Samsung Electronic has continued in innovating and has been releasing a new model into the series. For instance, in November 2009, i5700 was released and this was followed by the introduction of Samsung Galaxy S (i9000) in June 2010.9 Samsung Galaxy S III (GT-i9300) is latest Galaxy phone to be released into the market in May 2012. Galaxy phone are categorized in different classes defined by letters S, R, W, M and Y.

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