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Complete 15 page APA formatted essay: Empowerment of the theatre.Download file to see previous pages... They are not only fulfilling, but play a leading role in enhancing the cultural wellbeing of a g

Complete 15 page APA formatted essay: Empowerment of the theatre.

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They are not only fulfilling, but play a leading role in enhancing the cultural wellbeing of a given population. When explored optimally, it is rewarding and satisfying both at an individual and community level. As the global environment becomes technologically advanced, this field of specification is increasingly exploring technological advancements to its advantage. Currently, technology is at the centre stage of the field of theatre. Just like other fields of social, cultural and economic importance, the field of theatre arts require empowerment and support in order to thrive. Empowerment in this regard involves financial, infrastructural and moral support. Undoubtedly, there are unique talents within the population that can be explored for economic gain. However, to attain optimal outputs from this, it is imperative for the affected persons to be encouraged and empowered accordingly. At this point, it is worth appreciating that in order for talent to be recognized as such, it needs to be nurtured and developed to maturity. This cannot be realized without the help from different relative institutions and individual personalities with an interest in this field. Thus although theatre arts largely lead to personal fulfilment, affected individuals and theatre institutions need to be supported in different ways in order for both themselves and the community to benefit from their talents. The theatre needs to be empowered because it equally empowers populations in different ways. Through this, local communities are able to present their views to relevant stakeholders. It is used as a ‘societal mirror’ and in most cases, considered to be reflective of the needs of the local populations. Through this, locals are able to articulate their views accordingly. The fact that they can make an impact on societal decision making cannot be disputed. Thus since theatre is an important community empowerment tool, it needs to be empowered too. Background to the Study Theatre is an artistic field that has gained great importance in the social scene in the recent past. It assumes different forms including drama, video productions and music amongst others. In his study, Rohd (1998, p. 63) indicates that theatre is a field of specification that has its roots in the cultural conceptions of global populations. Thus in most instances, relative presentations are reflective of the culture of the respective populations. Increasingly, this field has been explored for economic gains. It lies in the entertainment docket and relative pieces of art are always customized to meet the needs, interests and requirements of the clients. In response to the growing needs of the population, the academic sphere has also contributed to the improvement of this field. In this respect, theatre arts are taught in learning institutions from a very elemental level. This is in a bit to enhance the ability of the students and sharpen their talents. In the long run, they produce products of highest quality and which are very competitive in the market environment. To a great extent, this enables them to not only survive but to also thrive in the entertainment industry. At this point in time, exemplary performance in any field of specification requires an individual to be endowed with essential skills and knowledge. In addition to this, Thompson (2003, p.

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