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Complete 16 page APA formatted essay: Computing Research Projects.Download file to see previous pages... Introduction World Wide Web in our societies around the globe is now a common phenomenon and ac

Complete 16 page APA formatted essay: Computing Research Projects.

Download file to see previous pages...

Introduction World Wide Web in our societies around the globe is now a common phenomenon and accessories that facilitate this phenomenon like a web browsers does not only carry an immense business scope but they have become the representatives of the technology itself. Web browsers are the vehicles that carry you along the fascinating world of the web while facilitating the use and eliminating the reliance on any additional software aids. Today’s web browsers are supposed to provide possibly all functionalities that a web site has to offer and a surfer may need to enjoy his web experience. More importantly, web browsers need to meet the requirements of fetching information from all around the globe while warranting a complex integrated security mechanism. 1.1 Scope of Research Design and development of a web browser in the backdrop of technological advancements of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and the ever increasing support requirements is a serious undertaking. It needs to support the cutting edge technologies, facilitate user while ensuring a pleasurable experience, playing and displaying nearly every possible format of information, securing browsing sessions, speeding up the task completions, adding ability to save sessions and user specific information, building abilities to recover from interruptions and breakups and the list goes on—it knows no limits. While discussing the scope of an explorer Godbole and Atul ( 2008) states, “It is the responsibility of the browser to display the document on the user’s screen when it receives it from the server. As a result, a browser consists of several large software components that work together that provide an abstracted view of seamless service.” Every day, there is a new change in technology, everyday there are new measures to be taken to ensure existence in the world of web browsing. The continued user support, maintenance and incorporation of updates are the tasks that demand serious and sustainable project management approach to suit the enormity of task in hand. 1.2 History The history of web browsers is nearly as old as that of the Internet itself. Majority of historians of computer sciences have accepted Tim Berners-Lee as the founder of the explorer technology. However, the Mosaic explorer by Andreessen team in the year 1993 gave WWW technologies a real boost. Later on it was Andreessen who formed Netscape Company that launched first commercial explorer, the Netscape Navigator. It was not before 1995, when the Microsoft jumped into the explorer business with its first version of Internet Explorer to capture its market share. Since then the dominance in the market has been a tough fight among Internet Explorer, Opera, Netscape, Mozilla, Firefox, Safari and lately Google Chrome. (Cheshire, 2008). The history of web browsers’ development is a fast changing history because it had to keep pace with the technological innovations in the field of computers, software, communications and the Internet. Today, browser development requires not only a bunch of technological expertise but it also demands a methodical project management approach. 2.

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