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Complete 2 pages APA formatted article: Final assignment. DEATH OF THE WEST Almost all societies of the world have been divided into different socioeconomic and ethnic groups. Ethnic differences are b

Complete 2 pages APA formatted article: Final assignment. DEATH OF THE WEST Almost all societies of the world have been divided into different socioeconomic and ethnic groups. Ethnic differences are based oncultural and geographical identity. There was a time that physical appearance determined cultural and national identity. For example, people with white skin were thought to be the Europeans or Caucasians, whereas the black skin denoted to be Africans. Far Eastern and Asian people also maintained their own individuality. With the passage of time, travelling facilities got boost and it became very easy to travel from one part of the world to the other. European colonisation adventures are also one of the main reasons for the mixing up of the diversified culture and acculturation. The immigration policies announced by various European and Australian countries also contributed the mixed cultural traits that put the ethnicity in jeopardy.

Patrick J. Buchanan, famous American writer and political analyst, has indicated the same problem in his book under the title, “Death of the West”. In his book, he expresses his grave concerns regarding the future of individual recognition and even the solidarity of the USA and Western civilization due to its current economic and foreign policies. “Buchanan does a good job of legitimizing debate”, Widmann states, “over the politically incorrect subjects of White/European population rates and non-White, non-European immigration and its impact.” It is perhaps in the nature of every human that he contains ethnic prejudice for his own race. The individuals consider their own group superior and better one in comparison with other groups. Therefore, they desire for the uplift of their race and ethnicity. Hitler came to the limelight to confront the world as he thought German nation as the most superior and talented nation. The same is the case with Buchanan.

Buchanan obtains apprehension that immigrants from all parts of the world are changing the very scenario of the society. The culture and civilization of the present USA may undergo serious set back with the influx of different races which will drag the West into many socioeconomic problems. Different the ethnic groups in a society, more are the chances of criminal activities in it. This is a fact beyond doubt that variation in groups because of race, religion, region, gender, caste, class, creed, social status and income creates conflict in a society. Marxist and Feminist perspectives are also the outcome of the conflict situation prevailing in the countries. Buchanan is of the view that the increase in the foreign population may decrease the original percentage of the local people who are applying birth control devises to keep the family small. On the other hand, Asians and African have the trend of large number of family. Therefore, with the passage of time, the Western Civilization will find no place at its native land eve.

Entrance of outsiders in bulk may bring drastic changes in respect of religious beliefs and cults in the prevailing customs and traditions. Buchanan contends that due to over population and over education. the U.S. will face severe problems regarding housing, unemployment, lawlessness and poverty, and thus would be a Third World nation by the year 2050. Only 10% of the world’s people, according to him, will be of European descent by the year 2050, while describing the age, he states that one third of Europe’s people will be over 60, and 10% of the population will be over 80. “Involuntary euthanasia”, Buchanan observes, “has already come to Europe”.

Also, he finds threat of Asian and Arab population which he calls “Arab and Muslim invasion over Europe. He stresses on the point of the fear of under population of the West, which may create so many hurdles for politico-religion foundations of the West. Being very few in number, the West will not be able to combat with the rival religious and ethnic groups which will be in dominance not only to affect the economic and foreign policies, but also would be in a position to implement their own causes.

The measures taken by him proves Buchanan a racist. He reveals the very fact that

all the European nations including Germany, Italy, Russia and others must take an urgent review of their immigration as well as birth control policies, because with the present planning, the ratio of the Western population may be in jeopardy. Further, he views the rise of Islam as one of the most serious threats to the cause of Christianity and Judaism. Both these religions have been involved in massacre of Muslims all over the world. And invasion on Iraq, Palestine, Bosnia, Chechnia, Afghanistan and other Muslim territories are the bleakest chapters of history. With the increase of Muslim population, they will be in a position to capture the resources of the world by 2050.


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