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Complete 2 pages APA formatted article: Issues Related To Legalization Of Marijuana.

Complete 2 pages APA formatted article: Issues Related To Legalization Of Marijuana. Issues Related To Legalization Of Marijuana

Various kinds of abuses that prove to be harmful for others are considered to be a crime in our society. Such abuses include robbery, harassment, discrimination, rape, murder, child labor etc. The formerly mentioned acts are considered to be a crime in every society because in each case one individual ignores the rights of the other and causes harm to that person. The question that arises here is why we classify harming others as a crime and harming ourselves as liberty and freedom. The focal point of this entire discussion will be to determine whether Marijuana in take must be legalized or not?

One of the primary sources of intoxication that tempers the human brain and gives rise to capricious and loathsome behaviors is marijuana. The unconscious behaviors depicted by individuals after the intake of marijuana shall prove to be harmful for the subjects as well as those around them. Bearing in mind the severity of repercussions of its intake, Marijuana should not be legalized in any society.

The opponents of prohibiting marijuana shall state that every individual in this world is independent and free to make his own choices, and choosing to have marijuana falls under this particular right and definition of freedom. This claim can be countered by considering the definition of freedom in a broader sense. Every individual in this world is free and independent to the extent that he/she does not bother others with his/her actions.

A person, who chooses to use marijuana, automatically chooses suffering for others in his social circles and in other words restricts the freedom of others. Under the influence of marijuana the person may end up causing malice and agony to others at the cost of his pleasure seeking and hedonistic attitude. Moreover the influence that marijuana exercises over the subject shall force him to hurt himself. A substance that is potentially harmful to the users cannot be legalized by the authorities. Ensuring the provision of each and every citizen is the responsibility of every state. Bearing in mind the dangerous outcomes of marijuana intake, completely negate any grounds that it held for its legalization.

Prohibiting or declaring marijuana intake as illegal will not necessarily lead to the reduction in its usage, in fact it may promote the illegal channels to get established at an even stronger level. In this case the proponents of prohibiting marijuana will state that prohibition of marijuana is a multidimensional issue. Indeed banning marijuana officially will not be enough for the welfare of the society. therefore the authorities need to launch mass media campaigns edifying the masses of the dangers of marijuana. Marijuana has been found to have adverse affects on the health of people. Marijuana use is known as a breeding ground for various kinds of cancers and tumors, as the intake of this drug weakens the immune system in humans.

In all in all, marijuana in take is injurious to health and society. One cannot let the people die because of marijuana, in the name of freedom and liberty. Marijuana is found to have some specific medicinal uses in the world. therefore its use must be restricted to licensed physicians and experts of medicine. For the sake of a healthy society and a sustainable healthy social environment, marijuana should not be legalized.

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