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Complete 23 page APA formatted essay: Gile practices can be integrated into Waterfall yields business advantages.Download file to see previous pages... Rationale for Qualitative Research Design Acknow

Complete 23 page APA formatted essay: Gile practices can be integrated into Waterfall yields business advantages.

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Rationale for Qualitative Research Design Acknowledging that people are masters of their own lives, research on how programmers and their managers adopt to new policies and procedures can not be done without interviews those impacted by those new policies and procedures. As Marshall and Rossman (1999) Put it, One cannot understand human actions without understanding the meaning that Participants attribute to those actions—their thoughts, feelings, beliefs, values, and assumptive worlds. the researcher, therefore, needs to understand the deeper Perspectives captured through face-to-face interaction. (p. 57) Thus, qualitative research is the best way to understand such personal, individual perspectives. Qualitative research tends to investigate essential and distinctive features of actions and experiences as lived by a person. Groves (2004) explained that qualitative research does not take place in the lab, but happens in the real world. It deals with how people give meaning to their own experience. Furthermore, it aims to interpret the behavior and meanings that people have given to their experience. Kwiatkowska (2013) observed that the goal is to describe and possibly explain events and experiences. The typical language used are the case study, field study and context. The research types include the case study research, ethnographic research and grounded theory. Qualitative research method is used in research with an aim of gathering an in depth understanding information. It investigates the how and why of making of decisions. Therefore, samples that are smaller but focused are often used instead of large samples. According to Groves (2004), qualitative research methods give information on specific studies cases and general conclusions on informed actions. Groves (2004) observed that the qualitative researchers basically are concerned with processes and practices rather than the outcomes. The focus is mainly on the experiences and perceptions of the participants. Qualitative research involves fieldwork typically whereby observation and recording on events are done. The researcher goes to the site, setting and the people physically to observe the subjects naturally and normally. According to Kwiatkowska (2013), the method was seen as appropriate due to its several advantages: 1. It uncovers the experiences of the people 2. It is less expensive because of the focus on small groups 3. It is flexible The assumptions made for this research were: 1. The information gathered will be sufficient to make a general conclusion on how the integration process can be. 2. The available data on integration of waterfall and agile processes were holistically researched since it was difficult to break down the study into small independent factors. 3. The research will contribute a substantial amount of data that can be used by future researcher to ascertain the requirements for integrating agile into traditional processes. However, the limitations of the qualitative research method approach in a research include: 1. Research error is associated with survey research especially where assumptions on a sample are made that are inaccurate. 2. Qualitative research method only collects data on selected group of participants. This data cannot be used in making general assumptions. 3. The method does not allow conveniently for statistical data collection 4.

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