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Complete 3 page APA formatted essay: Descriptive Community.Download file "Descriptive Community Essay" to see previous pages... The year 1938 foster the town's transformation where it was incorporated

Complete 3 page APA formatted essay: Descriptive Community.

Download file "Descriptive Community Essay" to see previous pages...

The year 1938 foster the town's transformation where it was incorporated under the name Flatwoods and correspondingly, the post office carries its new name. The newly named town is named after the areas of original topography which consists of a belt of flat wooded land, approximately sixty feet in elevation,

which runs parallel to the Ohio River. This quiet and charming town was once a rolling farm land with green gardens and active pastures. The people are ever so hard working and maintain a closely knit relationship among each other. It was a harmonious town where people help each other in life as in death of a family. Aside from these, the people likewise enjoy hearty meals together over succulent dishes of foods.

My fondest memory of the place was Mr. and Mrs. Wilburn. The Wilburns lived at the top of my street in a charming old farmhouse. The couple had lived in Flatwoods all their lives. It has been said that Mr. Wilburn had moved in the neighborhood of Flatwoods at around 1910. As a child, he has been my depiction of the way life has been. His large overpowering farm house stood majestically across our modest home. He drove his antique Model-T Ford around town like it was the newest thing from Detroit. He and his wife were kind and giving people. I particularly enjoyed visiting them at night in their porch where they would animatedly tell stories of the old times. The old man at 70, does not show any sign of aging as he lovingly tend to his overflowing fruits and vegetable garden. Being the kind hearted couple that they were, they always gave us fruits and vegetables like apples and tomatoes, which in turn we bring home to our parents. Aside from this, another neighbor's house used to be a church.

I have lived in Wilburn Street, which was named after the kind hearted couple. My family's redwood ranch style house is with a small front yard, but with a large fenced-in backyard which sat on a dead end gravel street. The huge back yard is surrounded with healthy green oak trees and scented bushes, a perfect place to be one with nature or just spend a quiet afternoon with a book or sharing the afternoon sun playing games with friends. The house looked bigger than it really was because of the attached two car garage. There were large picture windows in the front that rose to the sky with flower boxes stretching around the house, such an ideal place for family bonding and get together.

I have been blessed with a wonderful family. Even though I am adopted, the family I have, nurtured me to be the man I am today, and for this, I am very grateful for. I was born in Lexington, Kentucky, about two hours away in 1964, which made me a certified sixties baby. My biological parents were both in high school when I was conceived. I was then given to the state and my parents, who cannot have children of their own "chose" me. I always knew that I was adopted, but I never nurtured the feeling of being sorry and rebellious about my circumstances. My family was and is always very supportive of me, giving me books to read about adoption. And most importantly, I was made to understand that that I was chosen and not given up. It has been instilled in me that my biological mother gave me up so that I could have a better life with more opportunities.

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