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Complete 3 page APA formatted essay: DQWEEK8.Download file to see previous pages... The software requirements process will give the developers the requirements that will be required of the system that

Complete 3 page APA formatted essay: DQWEEK8.

Download file to see previous pages...

The software requirements process will give the developers the requirements that will be required of the system that will be developed. The developers will use the blueprint of the business requirements to come up with the system. It is an important process that will determine the outcome of the system. For any system to be accepted by the users, it will have to meet the requirements and the needs of these users (Tan &amp. Ruighaver 2005). Another important software process is that of software development. This is so because the avoidance of software bugs will help to eradicate the errors that will be met when using the software. The software development process should be undertaken using the right software tools and the right technologies. Without proper tools, there will be many deficiencies in terms of functionalities. When developing the software, the right and modern trends and technologies should be used. Technology is dynamic as it keeps changing. The right and current technology should be used. This will ensure that the resultant software product will be as recent and up to date as much as possible (Tan &amp. Ruighaver 2005). Software improvement is yet another important software process that is important in the software processes. This process is important as it enables the organization to have the latest capabilities from the software. It enables developers to integrate the latest technologies and patch holes that have been identified in the software. Even though the technologies that were used in the initial development of the software could be obsolete, this process of software improvement will enable the software to have the latest features and have had recent technologies integrated. It is, therefore, important to have this important process while developing the software (Tan &amp. Ruighaver 2004). The key processes that are used in the course are six. The parts that re missing are the testing of the software. The ramification of the missing parts is that software testing, if not done, will bring software which might be having deficiencies. This could bring errors in the business processes. Deploying a software product without testing will introduces bugs to the business process. If the bug affects financial procedures, then a lot of money will be lost in the business (Tan &amp. Ruighaver 2005). Another important process that has been missed is that of software analysis and design. This is an important which could bring errors if it is not undertaken. The software product that could be developed could meet the technical requirements but not in the way the users wanted it to be used. It is important to follow the needs of the users. The users will require that the software product follows the design that they anticipated. They might dismiss the whole system just because some function has not been designed in the way they wanted it to be (Tan &amp. Ruighaver 2005). Another process that has not been mentioned is that maintenance and repair. If the software product is not well maintained, then there will be a lot of problems that will be met by users. It will bring a lot of problems to the software users. To improve the process, there will be the need to ensure that the requirements of the users are followed to the latter (Tan &amp. Ruighaver 2004). Question 2 Timing issues are an important component that should be considered when implementing a real-time system. Timing will affect many processes in the whole business process if timing is not effectively undertaken.

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