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Complete 3 page APA formatted essay: The current economic problems in this country and their effect on health services.President Obama’s current regime is aiming to increase health care facilities f

Complete 3 page APA formatted essay: The current economic problems in this country and their effect on health services.

President Obama’s current regime is aiming to increase health care facilities for all Americans and reduce the discrepancies or the difference of standard in health care provided to citizens of various socio-economic backgrounds. Hence, President Obama has set up the health care program for the nation, which enables everyone in the USA to have access to health insurance and receive standard treatment for illnesses and ailments. While this program is beneficial, and the USA is a nation suffering from several illnesses such as obesity, cancer, AIDS, and many other terminal illnesses, there have been strong criticisms against the program. The program is designed to take a substantial amount of taxes from the taxpayers to facilitate the provision of health care facilities to all the citizens of the United States (Brook, 1998). Many people in the USA are suffering from terminal illnesses and other physical disorders and do not have enough funds to purchase proper treatment for them. Charity hospitals in the USA have very long waiting lists and inadequate facilities to provide equal health care facilities for everyone. The USA system of health care is not as equal as the health care system of other countries such as UK and other European countries. Private health care facilities are more prominent and most health care is not paid for by the State. However, recently, President Obama’s regime has taken upon the task of creating an equal environment of health facilities for all individuals that will be free of cost. It is based upon the concept of a healthier America. The problem pertains that the American economy is still highly burdened with debt and over expenditure. Health care in the United States costs relatively more than it costs in other countries. Hence, the new health care program is a burden upon the USA’s slumping economy (Brook, 1998). The USA is currently in a time of recession as is the rest of the world and as the stock markets and the real estate industry is suffering a major blow. many Americans are heavily in debt and they have lost a lot of money. In this economic crisis, taxpayers are being taxed heavily to sponsor the health care program. Hence, this situation is not feasible for the taxpayers who still perceive the program to not be as beneficial as they would have liked (Davis and Rowland, 1983). As the economic crunch attacks the USA, prices are high for health services and a mass expenditure of the USA budget is being allotted to the provision of health services. Yet, all Americans are still not happy with the health care program, as they do not feel that it is equal and they do not feel that they are receiving essential health care services that they are now paying for through taxes. As the USA budget is getting tighter, it is also difficult for the government to allot a mass sum to the health care provision program. However, the program still needs massive investment from the government in order to function properly and provide free health care to all American citizens (Davis and Rowland, 1983). Since the US budget is becoming tighter and the government is not efficiently allocating its resources, health care services are suffering in the current economic scenario. While they are demanding a higher budget and a much larger investment, the taxpayers are not prepared to pay higher taxes for this cause. The

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