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Complete 4 page APA formatted essay: Human Resources-Employee Engagement.Download file to see previous pages... The main focus on this report is on employee engagement and evaluating the relationship

Complete 4 page APA formatted essay: Human Resources-Employee Engagement.

Download file to see previous pages...

The main focus on this report is on employee engagement and evaluating the relationship between employee engagement and productivity. Furthermore, a discussion will be carried out showing that organizations need to be updated about the latest trends and changes in Human Resource policies in order to reflect new expectations, which can provide a positive approach towards maximizing productivity in the organization. Employee Engagement Attributes Employee engagement is a phenomenon, which consists of three attributes. attitudes, behavior and outcomes. These are interlinked with each other and provide a virtuous circle of employee engagement. An employee needs to feel committed (attitude) towards carrying out their duties through proactive conduct (behavior) by the way he carries out in his tasks which can provide a result (outcome) in a form of higher productivity with little or no conflicts. These attributes are caused by organizations that engage employees to have a vision towards carrying their responsibilities through elements of mutual trust and understanding. Hence, through employee engagement programs there are improved performances. However, employees cannot be manipulated towards commitment because it may result in disillusionment so it is necessary there are scales to review their performances. Employee engagement needs to be measurable so that it can be correlated with the amount of effort an individual puts in performing his tasks (Macey et al., 2011). Employee Engagement and Productivity Employers can play a very effective role in enforcing employee engagement in the organization and use it as a tool to increase productivity. In order to increase the potential of employees, there is a need to incorporate them together by defining the core values and principles of the organization. Productivity can be increased through employee engagement as employees may feel that they are motivated to work towards each other and they may also own the outcome of their performances as they are liable to connect their tasks with the organizational goals. Hence, these engaged employees tend to be more vigilant and have a pro-active relationship with each other and the employer. Communication with employees is necessary in order to engage them and define the purpose of their roles as it creates an engagement, which can help achieve these organizational goals. Employers who take part in engagement through effective communication can drive them to do better jobs. The main focus for employers should be how these individuals can identify themselves. Employers need to provide support to them through rational content as well as at a personal level. Ability of the employer to engage them will also lower turnover in the organization. Employees who feel more engaged with the workforce may find themselves more secured and this employee retention will be cost effective for the organization. In organizations, where there is a problem in retention of employees there is a constant need to hire new employees and also carry out their training and development, which may be costly for the organization. Thus, engagement of employees increases the level of satisfaction among individuals, which increases their productivity as well (Albrecht, 2010).

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