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Complete 4 page APA formatted essay: Philosophy.This is because the definitions vary basing on a variety of factors, like political factors, religion, and the social philosophy. From a postmodernist p

Complete 4 page APA formatted essay: Philosophy.

This is because the definitions vary basing on a variety of factors, like political factors, religion, and the social philosophy. From a postmodernist point of view, one can get a definition that is only a concept that may never be practical anywhere in life. In general, Boylan (p. 91) writes that social justice is more of equal justice, not only in the judicial system, but in all other aspects of the society. From this concept, we can say that social justice demands equal rights and opportunities for everyone regardless of the social status. Therefore, we can sum up by saying that social justice is an idea which involves fashioning a society or an institution basing on the principles of equality and solidarity. This system understands the values of human rights with recognition of every individual’s dignity. Generally, social justice bases on the concepts of human rights and equality. It also involves economic egalitarianism. This is through progressive taxation, and redistribution of property and income. Through such policies, it is easier to attain equality in opportunity, hence creation of outcome equality. In order to create a just society from the perceptive ‘privileged society’, where not every individual has equal opportunity to enjoy the freedom that people share, one must be ready to learn more about the issues of social justice like tolerance, equity and diversity promotion, and fighting hatred, among others. It is easier to act after educating oneself about the issues of social justice. Secondly, it is not easy to achieve the social justice that on desires without incorporation from the general society. It is, therefore, imperative to get help from the general people in the society. Joining a social justice group, which will stand up to hatred in all forms, will engage the community in a process that will build the society towards respectful, safe and fair environment. With this, one will get the support that will help in creating a firm foundation towards achievement of the just society (Boylan, p. 93). One must understand that they can not come up with a just society without learning from others. This is because a just social system recognizes all forms of diversity, be it cultural, economic or any other form. Therefore, it is important for one to learn to leverage the benefits of diversity surrounding them. One can expose themselves to other cultures, eat and intermingle with other people in the society, read about different cultures, subscribe to other cultures and open ones mind to diverse perspectives around them. Through this, one will learn about the challenges that they will have to overcome in order to justify all the social needs in the diversity among the people in the society. It is also important for one to take challenges, like asking oneself if the immediate friends reflect what a just society is. One can ask themselves if friends around portray the diversity of genders, races, cultures, ages, political affiliations, and any other relevant aspects of diversity. In order to achieve a perfect framework of social justice, one must open the mind and heart to experience people with other perspectives and insights that will or may be challenging, while some may be interesting. Such diversification will eradicate issues of discrimination and will ensure achievement of a liberal society.

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