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Complete 4 page APA formatted essay: Response to Intercultural Outgroup Members.What makes these black guys scary is only in her eyes, but because these guys were aggrieved, they made her fear come tr

Complete 4 page APA formatted essay: Response to Intercultural Outgroup Members.

What makes these black guys scary is only in her eyes, but because these guys were aggrieved, they made her fear come true, they pulls out a gun, points on theirs face and carjacked them.

This results biased judgment for blacks. Jean holds prejudice against people on the basis of skin color and cultural race.

She discriminates the Mexican-American locksmith because he looks like a "gang member," with a shaved head and tattoos, when actually he is a devoted family man. She thinks that the locksmith would sell their keys with his allegedly gang banger friends. But the offended locksmith proved her dilemma to be wrong.

Another racist, Officer Ryan (Matt Dillon) is a white police officer who molests Christine, a black woman, during a traffic stop. Meanwhile, Ryan is trying to get help from Shaniqua Johnson, a black woman, for his father, who may possibly have prostate cancer but seems to have been misdiagnosed with a bladder infection, Urinary Tract Infection (UTI). Ryan's racist remarks to a black insurance representative (Miss Johnson) prevent him from getting his father the treatment he needs. His racial prejudices seem to stem in part from the negative impact that local affirmative action-style policies that favored minority businesses had on his father's business, family, and life. Ryan later relieves the viewers of his racist tendencies when he saves Christine from certain death in a fiery car wreck and is seen working with a Mexican-American Patrolman whom he seems to show no signs of prejudice towards.

Where Do I Fit In

Why and when individuals felt like outgroup members within their own group Chung (1998) explained that it has to do with the context and status of the individual with whom one interacts. So here enters Officer Hanson who is having an embarrassing problem, for personal nature. He is Officer Ryan's partner, who is disgusted by Ryan's racism and the city's inaction. After trying to get another partner after seeing Ryan molest Christine, Hanson accepts a solo patrol vehicle. Hanson saves Cameron during his confrontation with the police, yet shoots Peter when Peter reaches for what he suspected was a weapon, but was actually a statuette of Saint Christopher in his car after picking him up and giving him a ride. He dumps the body and burns his car in an attempt to hide evidence.

Another issue raised in this chapter is - if the ingroup does not approve of an individual's behavior, it can reject the ingroup member. This was manifested when a black guy (Anthony) tries to carjack his black fellow, Cameron. Thus Cameron felt embarrassed because of Anthony's wrong doing.

Prejudiced Remarksor Innocent Jokes

Our question is, Do "innocent" remarks or biased jokes directed at an individual or ethnic group make them tolerable or acceptable

In a certain scenario, a Persian store owner is afraid for his safety. He is depicted as a man frustrated by the racial harassment he experiences in the United States as well as deterred with difficulties with speaking English. To protect his store, the only thing his family has, he goes to a gun shop and attempts to buy a gun but his hotheaded attitude causes racist remarks from the owner who refuses to sell him a gun. One thing that the owner says is - "Yo! Osama plan a jiharan your own time. What do you want"

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