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Complete 4 page APA formatted essay: Study Design and Data Collection Strategies.Download file to see previous pages... The software and hardware will be used to amalgamate the data that will be drawn

Complete 4 page APA formatted essay: Study Design and Data Collection Strategies.

Download file to see previous pages...

The software and hardware will be used to amalgamate the data that will be drawn from land cover maps, and topographic contour maps. It is assumed that, the database will be effective for integrating data generated internally, and which includes plans for habitat restoration and locations of the habitats. DATA REQUIREMENTS Description Enough of the required data is needed for the development of accurate and comprehensive database of a conservatory. The software to be used will be appropriate for reading topographic contour maps. They will be developed in a way that will make distinguishing of the contour lines easier. This will facilitate connection and determination of points with equal elevation within the required region in the conservatory. By so doing, the management of the conservatory will manage to follow the movement of the endangered species along the contours and, therefore, come up with strategies of protecting them. The software will be remarkably effective in developing the database to be used in recording and handling of the wildlife capacity like for example, bird flocks. The wardens will find it easy to follow and locate the habitats making the management of the threatened species unproblematic. Source: Ronca, (2011) Land cover maps will also be developed after the establishment of the database. Land cover maps are used in an array of spatial resolutions and data formats which suit the users appropriately. They allow for the use of detailed data which can be provided as vector products of at least 0.5 Hectare Map units. Source: Land cover map, 2012 The database with the help of software and hardware will provide data from an approximated distance of one kilometer radius within the conservatory. For geo referencing, LCM 2007, LCM 2000 AND LCM 1990 are used in digital land cover maps. Sources of data The data required for running the database will be received digitally from the satellites located in different areas within the conservatory. The signals will be received in the station, and then the information will be converted into data that can be used in the database. The satellites will scan the conservatory and then relay images and pictures to the station to facilitate in the management. This will be achieved through the use of NASA Tera satellites which provide refined global pictures to give a clear view of the land patterns and distribution of ecosystems. They help in providing the best quality land cover maps which enables the policy makers and scientists in charge of natural resources do researches well and monitor objects effectively (Przyborski, 2011). NASA Tera satellites provide more detailed and clear pictures of a place based on digital database of images. They also use MODIS sensor’s vintage, which facilitates collection, of high quality data and also merging of multiple looks into a single image. The MODIS land cover maps have different cover types which includes natural vegetations like wetlands, savannas, evergreen forests and deciduous. The cost of NASA Tera satellites is estimated to be $ 424,000. It will be extremely effective in monitoring the movement of the endangered within the conservatory. The satellites provide refined pictures and, therefore, the personnel in charge of the ecosystem will monitor the wildlife successfully (Przyborski, 2011).

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