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Complete 5 page APA formatted essay: An Action Plan For Student Survival.Download file "An Action Plan For Student Survival" to see previous pages... When using these search engines, the information y

Complete 5 page APA formatted essay: An Action Plan For Student Survival.

Download file "An Action Plan For Student Survival" to see previous pages...

When using these search engines, the information you get will be based on a keyword or phrase. It's vital to choose appropriate words and phrases that relate closely to your research. When doing research on how the expense of college deters student enrollment, the phrase "college costs" would return several appropriate articles.

Searching library resources is very similar to an Internet search, but you have databases with a wide range of magazines, newspaper articles, and academic journals available. These sources are often higher quality and have greater academic credibility than typical websites. It's important to consider your source when searching to give your research the integrity that's needed. If a paper is being done on water pollution, information from a peer reviewed journal will be more reliable than information from an anonymous website called "I_hate_chemicals.com". Library resources are the most valuable tools that students have.

In the world of Academics, there is nothing more important than honesty and integrity. It goes beyond the obvious incidents of cheating on a test with crib sheets, or writing a halfhearted report based on a condensed version of a book. Integrity requires regular attendance and timely completion of the assignments. It demands that you treat your courses with the level of respect that they deserve. Your college degree will be a voucher to people in the academic world that you have successfully completed the work, can be relied on to be informed, and that you have gained your GPA honestly.

A major breach of honesty is plagiarism. Plagiarism is the copying someone else's words, research, or ideas and portraying them as your original work. It is one of the most serious infractions a student can make during their college experience, and can result in punishment that ranges from failing the course to possible expulsion (Plagiarism). Academic researching and reporting is a process of building new ideas on work that has previously been done by others. It depends on the information being accurate and not based on fake data. It is also built on the tradition of giving credit to the original creator of the ideas that we borrow. Almost all research and papers will be built on someone else's previous work and ideas, and it's vital that they receive adequate credit. While an Internet "cut and paste" paper may be the most glaring example of plagiarism, improper citations are the most numerous. Often, this is done because the student does not have the proper information on when and how to give credit.

Whether we are using previously published statistics or paraphrasing a unique idea, it's necessary to give proper credit to the original author. This is done with conventional citation formats such as APA and MLA. These associations have manuals that outline not only how to write a proper citation, but also when to cite the original source. Spending time reading these guides and getting familiar with the requirements of academic writing will help insure that the school's policy of plagiarism is not violated and prevent what might otherwise be an innocent transgression of academic honesty.

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