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Complete 5 page APA formatted essay: Challenges for family nurse practitioners.Download file to see previous pages... Part of the changes unfolding are changing demands in health care services that tr

Complete 5 page APA formatted essay: Challenges for family nurse practitioners.

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Part of the changes unfolding are changing demands in health care services that translates in the need for professional development of health care professionals, staying current to researches and technologies and in redeveloping social services Nursing involves not only rendering medical services but also social oriented services.The Royal College of Nursing (2006) defines it as the "use of clinical judgment in the provision of care to enable people to improve, maintain, or recover health, to cope with health problems, and to achieve the best possible quality of life, whatever their disease or disability, until death" (p. 3). This definition highlights the significance of the profession to society in providing care and well-being. One of the critical respondents are Family Nurse Practitioners (FNP) who provide advanced primary care nursing practice in community-based settings in response to the growing needs of social focused health initiatives today (Friedman et al, 2003). FNP's have various roles that contribute to the development of health and welfare networks. Understanding their roles is critical to any nursing professional so that services can be delivered to those who need them most.The roles taken by FNP's in the community can be considered as one of the most direct response to developing health needs of society. Though the roles FNP's are not exclusive from each other but rather are frameworks of function. However, it is critical to understand these roles to streamline efforts being done in communities. Efforts to increase health awareness and creating preventive care are seen as the most effective means of ensuring future medical crises are avoided but this entails greater coordination with other government agencies and the communities which may not be available for most settings (Gail et al, 2000).

According to the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (2000), there is continuing challenge to expand services to develop responsive and sensitive units for the profession. An analysis of the current trends is the first step in creating responsive programs that can impact the greatest amount of change and health in the future. The challenge is translating the insights to programs and initiatives that can truly respond to the developments.

Professional Role

FNP's plays several professional roles that range from medical to social services. As a medical professional, the FNP is tasked to deliver medical services that are directed or designed for treatment and rehabilitation (Royal College of Nursing, 20006). The FNP's role also extends to developing a feedback system regarding medical concerns that will enhance existing programs. As social service professional, the role of the FNP is extended into valuating social indicators and conditions that may impair the treatment or rehabilitation. The role extension to social services has only be defined recently and has been seen as key to the improvement of patients particularly in mental health programs.

The major focus of existing programs of FNP's is in developing communication channels to enhance knowledge and awareness of issues. Particular focus has been given to improving diet and nutrition in homes (Masi et al, 2003). The program is structured to involve three main initiatives, developing better eating habits, developing community based efforts to support efforts and lobbying for health programs that tackle the issue. The role of FNP is in providing information about health issues, programs and support systems. In this capacity, the FNP addresses the concern focusing on the importance of family in developing health habits and awareness (Wright &amp. Leahey, 2000).

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