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Complete 5 page APA formatted essay: Conflict Management and Negotiation Critical Thinking Mod 5 : Case 8 Sick Leave.Download file to see previous pages... It is related to the ability of engaging in

Complete 5 page APA formatted essay: Conflict Management and Negotiation Critical Thinking Mod 5 : Case 8 Sick Leave.

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It is related to the ability of engaging in independent as well as reflective thinking. A person thinking critically is able to understand the connections logically among ideas, to construct, evaluate as well as identify arguments, have a good reasoning and detects mistake, be a systematic problem solver, come up with ideas that are relevant as well as their importance. Negotiation entails settling differences, thus negotiation and critical thinking can help in solving conflict management (Weiss, 1994). In this regard, the analysis involves a conflict between Kelly and Mr.Higashi. Analysis Kelly ought to have called Clair to rule out and deal with the problems and difficulties faced by participants of the JET program in the host institutions. In case Clair could not solve Kelly’s problem at this level, or the grievances between the host institution and the JET participant differed, she could employ several non-Japanese coordinators to intervene and come up with a solution regarding the JET participants. Kelly would first have to discuss the issue with Mr. Higashi using the JET contract she signed because it had the terms of sick leave, which Mr. Higashi had been assuming. Mr. Higashi claimed that Kelly was just pretending with the aim of extending her weekend. During the discussion, Kelly would be tempted to rush or even be cruel as well as end up saying unnecessary things, which would end up causing her more problems. Dealing with a conflict is challenging, especially in a positive way, although it is worth taking the challenge (Nijimeh, 2008). The dispute concerning Kelly emerged when she fell ill one Monday and called her supervisor informing him of her condition, which could not allow her to report to the office that day and the day that followed too. Before the conversation ended, Mr. Higashi told her to ensure she visits a doctor and report with a doctor’s prescription. Kelly did as she was told and reported after two days with a doctor’s prescription. Kelly took it to Mr. Higashi who asked if she was well and she said she was ready to work. She went back to her desk, and after a few minutes, an accountant brought to her desk some papers for signing. As she was in the process, she realized that she was signing for two days of paid leave and not a sick leave. When she tried to point out the error to the accountant, he said it was correct and no mistake was made. Kelly took the papers to Mr. Higashi but he also said there was were mistakes made, as it was a standard procedure for the Japanese. Kelly tried to argue that she was not Japanese but Mr. Higashi told her she better start doing things Japanese way. Later, Kelly tried to point out the sections on the sick leave to Mr. Higashi but it was all in vain. Concerning Mr. Higashi. he was very good at the beginning when Kelly was coming to Japan because he arranged on Kelly’s housing and took her for shopping. Later on, he changed to be the worst enemy because he treated JET participants unfairly. He did not perform his duties as per the contract but rather end up stressing his colleagues. This is clearly seen when Kelly became furious and threw the JET contract to his desk pointing out the section, which stipulated the number of sick leaves that one was entitled to and Kelly demanded that he should honor the contract as it was written. Mr. Higashi looked agitated saying that he had an urgent meeting and would discuss the issue later.

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