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Complete 5 page APA formatted essay: Empowering through a Self-Sufficiency Strategy.Download file to see previous pages... To overcome the difficulties faced by the tsunami, all NGO's working in that

Complete 5 page APA formatted essay: Empowering through a Self-Sufficiency Strategy.

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To overcome the difficulties faced by the tsunami, all NGO's working in that area contributed a lot. Their activities were focussed in areas like physical well being of the victims akin to food clothing and shelter, mental aspects relating to sense of security, reinstating relationships and the economic side comprising of funds as well as resources required for daily life. The initial response of NGO's was to supply materials like food, clothing, napkins etc. More over they also concentrated in the removal of debris, dead bodies of humans and animals. Besides these activities, other services like ensuring clean drinking water, community medical camps, immunization programmes, trauma counselling etc was also done (Arnold.J.P.S. 2005). The devastation caused by the tsunami in the coastal regions has created a new challenge for NGO's working in that area, particularly in the field of water purification. To face the challenging situation NGO's have developed and installed equipments in the region. (Asian Tsunami concentrates minds around the world. 2006.)

The civil wars taking place in Afghanistan and Iraq has increased the misery of the common man living there. During the latter half of the year 2005 many natural disasters occurred in different parts of the world. Large scale of destruction has occurred. The most important effect of war on the society is the destruction of the victim's social environment, their natural living instincts and history as well as identity of their cultures (Zwi.A.B 2000 July 22).

The roles that various NGO's play in Iraq are vital. At present they have tailored to the present situation of mistrust, doubt etc. NGO's have adopted the coordination mechanism which helps to locate the needy as well as to understand the situation. To cater to the present needs, NGO's have triggered the field related emergency arrangements. Due to the crisis in Iraq over 8 million people are in need for humanitarian aid. This situation has arisen due to a number of causes like corrupted basic services, failure of finding livelihoods, and uncontrolled price rises. The sadder side of Iraq is that the government and other agencies have a limited role to solve the crisis because of the lack of chance to contact the population. (NGOs Coordination Committee in Iraq. 2007).

During the rehabilitation process of the Afghan war, funds around 35 million were distributed for developing the health services sector. NGO's working in the health sector of Afghanistan has brought significant changes and success in the area. Preparation of separate waiting room for female patients and a completely renovated delivery room accompanied by a neo natal ward equipped with modern equipments were also established. For the disposals of clinical waste, pits were dug up and steel and brick furnaces were constructed. NGO"s has also appointed their own staff for monitoring these activities also. (A Formula for Success in Afghanistan)

The dangerous war fields of Congo, Sudan and Uganda in Africa are among the most dangerous places to live in. this fact was published by a poll conducted by Reuters. The most affected are children and woman who always find themselves in the receiving end. (Rowling.M. 7-7-2006)

Rowling.M. 7-7-2006. The world's 10 worst child danger spots.

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