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Complete 5 page APA formatted essay: Healthcare in the year 2022.Download file to see previous pages... The health care industry, which is the largest industry in the country after manufacturing, has

Complete 5 page APA formatted essay: Healthcare in the year 2022.

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The health care industry, which is the largest industry in the country after manufacturing, has seen changes in many areas. This included hospitals being implemented in areas like clinic hospitals, in places like shopping plazas, areas which would help the doctors in joining other network associations to access their patients and many more (Sultz and Young, xv). These trends will pave its way in USA for a promising future in the health care industry implementing new patterns. Topic of Discussion The following paper will present a hypothetical visualization of the healthcare industry in USA for the next decade, i.e. 2022. The paper will present differences between the past healthcare model and the future health care reformations in the USA. It will show the number of people insured under the bill before and after its enforcement. Further, the paper will draw a picture of how the health care industry in USA should be in the context of the heath care reform bill. Main Topics The main topics that will be discussed in this paper are the following: 1. The old health care model in the USA. 2. Features of the health care reform act of USA. 3. Proposed heath care model in USA for the year 2022. 1. The Old Health Care Model in the USA Poor Administration and High Cost of Medical Facilities Before the enforcement of the health care reform act in USA, many loopholes were present in the health care system. Life expectancy of the people in USA was less than that of other developed nations. The average spending for the medical facilities often exceeded their other costs. People went bankrupt because of the high amount in the medical bills. The health care administration cost in 1987 was shown to be between $96.8 billion and $120.4 billion in the country, which amounted to 19.3 to 24.1 percent of the total spending for health care (Woolhandler and Himmelstein). Administration quality was also deteriorating in the country rapidly. According to a survey by the US census bureau, around 46.3 million American citizens remained uninsured in 2008 (Moy, et. al). There were healthcare disparities regarding race/ethnicity, people’s socioeconomic position, and their insurance status (Shi, Lebrun and Tsai, 68). In 2006, it was found that 47 million people (15.8% of the population) were not medically insured, which meant that they were not covered by any private scheme or public health insurance program (Shi, Lebrun and Tsai, 69). Health Care Not Considered Fundamental Right Unlike most other developed countries, where healthcare is considered as a right and almost all its citizens are entitled to avail the most basic form of healthcare services, in the US there are a significant number of American people who live without any health insurance (Shi, Lebrun and Tsai, 68). Despite of being the richest nation, it has the highest number of people suffering from cancer. Heath care was not considered as a fundamental right in USA and it was believed a person needs to earn the medical benefits instead of claiming it without paying. With the passing of the health care reform act in 2010, there is hope of bringing in changes in this system which had lacked the modern sentiments and had undermined the fundamental rights of the citizens. These people were purists in their attitude towards the healthcare benefits of the country. 2.

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