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Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: Do Social Media Encourage Bad Behavior.

Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: Do Social Media Encourage Bad Behavior. One school of thought opines that media has a significant impact on the behaviors of people. This implies that media plays an important role and people conceive significant behavioral impacts from the shows broadcasted on television. The other group defines that media has controlled effect because every person who watches action movies and video games does not show violent behavior. It depends on the controlled broadcast of television channels and media content according to the age of the target audience. They further explain that the media will not significantly impact if the target audience will be defined according to the sensitivity of the content. As nitty-gritty, media or anything impacts adversely if the usage becomes inappropriate. It is a counter-argument to the question of the media’s effect over people’s behavior. The empirical studies reveal that violence amplification is a side effect of media in certain types of broadcasted events such as warlike situations and real-time violent news coverage like murders, etc. It still has not been completely explored by longitudinal studies about the exact measurement of impact. However specific correlation analysis for certain events confirms it positively (Potter, 2012). According to the shreds of evidence grabbed from relevant literature, it seems to be more concrete that media is playing a significant role in turning the normal behaviors to bad. The crime ratio has significantly increased since the time media has started covering the insights of the entire crime cases such as murder, abduction, and robbery.

The settlement between media role and violent behavior has been made due to social influences and people’s psychological rate of adoptability. The societal melodies and mental diseases have been reported to be initiated by media and several of the television shows.

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