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Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: Methods of Conserving the Ogallala Aquifer.

Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: Methods of Conserving the Ogallala Aquifer. There are arguments for and against the preservation of the Ogallala Aquifer system. For instance, Mr. Texas Panhandle, a farmer was successful in preventing the construction of a nuclear facility near the Aquifer system. Mr. Panhandle opposed the construction of the site, on the basis that it could lead to the destruction of the Ogallala Aquifer, through poisoning the water system. This event occurred during the periods of 1980s (Opie, 27). In 2008, the Trans Canada Corporation wanted to build a pipeline that will cross Athabasca oil sands to Houston, Texas (Guru et al, 31). This move created a lot of resistance from environmentalist, who argued that building an oil pipeline along the Aquifer system will make it vulnerable to pollution in case of an oil spill. However, a report by the United States department on environment denoted that the route by the Corporation, was economically, and environmentally feasible. The report therefore denoted that building a pipeline from Athabasca oil sands to Texas will not affect the Ogallala Aquifer in any manner. On the basis of this, this paper identifies and explains the best methods of conserving the Aquifer system, and its importance to the United States economy, and population. One of the methods of preserving the Aquifer system is to reduce the level of irrigation along the Aquifer system. It is estimated that 30% of water used to irrigate American lands, emanate from the Aquifer (Walton, 15). The effect of this is a reduction of the Aquifer’s water level, and this threatens its existence. The State and Federal government should look for other sources of water, for irrigation purposes. This includes engaging in rain water harvesting, and building boreholes to use for irrigation. Another method of conserving the Aquifer system is to limit the amount of fertilizers used in the irrigation firms (Ashworth, 21). This is because most farms use water that emanates from the system, and when they use fertilizers, it is highly possible that the remains will flow into the water system. This will cause pollution, making the water unsafe for human and animal consumption. Farmers also use insectides, and other house hold chemicals. It is important to find better ways of using the insecticides and chemicals (Wyatt et al, 32). There use must be in such a way, that it does not flow into the water system. After using them, it is important to dispose in an hazardous manner. By taking these measures a farmer will help in conserving the Aquifer system (Opie, 32). It is important for the Federal government and State government to to create policies and measures aimed at conserving the Aquifer. One such measure is to categorize it as an endangered system, and thereafter look for ways and means of preserving the Aquifer by involving the surrounding community. The Federal government should initiate laws, and policies whose aim is to preserve the Aquifer system. For example, the Federal and State government should make it a crime, for anyone caught polluting the water system (Ashworth, 19). They should stipulate heavy penalties to discourage such practices. It is also important to involve industries and institutions in the conservation measures of the Aquifer system. This is because industries play a great role in the pollution of the underground water system.

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