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Complete 6 page APA formatted essay: Business plan for Gym Equipment.Download file "Business plan for Gym Equipment" to see previous pages... Purchasing fitness equipment online too, has grown substan

Complete 6 page APA formatted essay: Business plan for Gym Equipment.

Download file "Business plan for Gym Equipment" to see previous pages...

Purchasing fitness equipment online too, has grown substantially over the last several years. From numerous infomercial products to high-end home exercise equipments, the Internet provides the medium for detailed information on the benefits and features of each product. As people overcome their fear of cyber shopping,

they are learning that the Internet offers both - the convenience and the savings. Convenience comes from comparative shopping without having to travel to numerous fitness equipment stores, where you often deal with unknowledgeable sales representatives. The Internet has empowered the consumer with detailed product information, allowing them to make intelligent purchasing decisions. In addition, the Internet provides an opportunity to avoid the added costs incurred through purchases at retail stores. A percentage of any price tag at a store includes overhead costs like leasing prime space, employee wages and inventory. The Internet is changing the rules, and online purchases can result into significant savings on items like fitness equipments.

Although people, mostly youngsters, have become much more fitness conscious than ever - a few online shops are existent on world wide web, selling home gym equipments. ...

Hence, the current business position clearly speaks the need of a selling media from where the good number of customers can be reached on an everyday basis. Thus, e-shops are an opportunity.

Else, the Internet websites already existing in the market selling home gym equipments, aren't yet covering the whole of potential customers. They are often into a part-time business of selling products via Internet, over and above having their conventional exhibition center - and hence, their business models are not probably as powerful as what a full-fledged Internet venture could have. "How can you rate a successful e-business The outward signs of a robust and thriving business are:

Revenue increases

Ability to generate profits

Success in creating meaningful alliances

Success in expanding into new markets

Differentiating itself from other business models "

( Online Internet Business Models).

In such a scenario, there is an opportunity of launching an Internet shop selling home gym equipments, as its full-time Internet business.

Business activity

Launched in the early days of year 2008, 'Beauty Fitness', a full-time e-shop - is into the business of selling home gyms and fitness equipments to young people, and all the others who want to stay in a good shape, keep fit - both physically and mentally. With fast growing Internet accessibility, e-shops are gaining bigger and bigger potential. Having established their presence on computers of almost all the British households, e-shops are not limited with daily working hours, weekend offs, or festive holidays. Customers can have access to our Internet shop 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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