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Complete 6 page APA formatted essay: Managing in an IS Environment.Download file to see previous pages... Alex has also engaged in monitoring the daily routine work so as to make sure that all things

Complete 6 page APA formatted essay: Managing in an IS Environment.

Download file to see previous pages...

Alex has also engaged in monitoring the daily routine work so as to make sure that all things are done in a standardised way. Alex is also involved in interaction with people in form of scheduled meetings to discuss the daily issues with the regional manager. Alex also communicates through telephone conversations usually with suppliers about orders and deliveries. The unscheduled meetings are mainly either brief exchanges with customers as they pay their bill or they are interruptions from staff - requests for information or assistance. Alex doesn't perform any type of decisional role in his job. Because his job is predominantly one of routine paperwork and helping out' to the staff members.

Rose who is a manager of domestic service unit is responsible for the cleaning and housekeeping of a large National Health hospital plays various managerial roles while on job. Rose is involved in a little bit of office paper work to manage the hospitals legal documents and other important documents. She is involved in lot of external work for the hospital. She spends a significant amount of her time out of the office, either at meetings or touring the hospital, speaking to domestics, nurses or administrative staff and checking the progress and quality of work. She also plays her informational role while monitoring the day to day activities of her staff members that all the work is done accordingly and the quality is maintainted well. She also helds scheduled meetings like committee meetings, policy meetings or negotiations, involving a wide variety of people, and unscheduled meetings or conversations - with domestic, nursing and administrative staff. As a decisional role she is engaged in negotiations with the different authority levels of the hospital and is involved in seeking out people to obtain or give information, to deal with problems and to request or give assistance.

Stewart's Demands, Constraints and Choices' Model:


Alex is bounded by certain demands that he has to fulfil while on job that includes Ordering and controlling materials, Controlling money, Monitoring operational performance, Maintaining company quality standards, Planning and maintaining staff levels. These are some of the most important demands of Alex job. Along with it he has certain contraints given the number of rules and procedures within which alex has to work like standard menus and prices, methods of food preparation and presentation and etc. That's why he make choices according to situation and does spend much of his time in office doing paper work.


Rose is bounded my certain important tasks that she has to do which includes Planning and ensuring staff level, Good industrial relations, Standard of cleanliness, Cost of domestic service function and etc. Although there are many constraints that she faces in day to day activities like Atmospheric crisis and uncertainity, restructuring issues is what must peoccupy her she has many restictions from within the organizations from different factors. But although she makes considerable choices about how she handles it. She chooses to make the job people-oriented and political', trying to reconcile competing interests, ameliorating the impact of change on domestic staff.

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