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Complete 6 page APA formatted essay: McDonald's Corp as a Best Corporate Citizen of 2010.Download file to see previous pages... The idea is to ascertain the strategies of the company that allowed it t

Complete 6 page APA formatted essay: McDonald's Corp as a Best Corporate Citizen of 2010.

Download file to see previous pages...

The idea is to ascertain the strategies of the company that allowed it to earn this status and to write about its socially responsible business activities. The paper will outline how McDonald’s activities improved its sustainability in contributing towards making the world a better place. A discussion will be made of the company’s specific business values that motivate its activities relative to accountability, transparency, and employee engagement for improving sustainability.&nbsp.The paper will also focus on what further innovations the company might make to continue to improve sustainability. McDonald’s Corporate Social Responsibility For the last several years, McDonald’s Corporation has been setting examples of corporate social responsibility (CSR), which primarily includes the creation of a sustainable supply chain system and engagement in community based developmental projects. CSR basically relates to a company’s behavior whereby it behaves in a social and responsible manner and deals with other businesses that adopt the same policies. With the increase of public awareness, recent years have seen increasing demand for socially responsible businesses, which is why contemporary companies give importance to CSR while making plans for socially responsible business processes. It cannot be doubted that McDonald’s Corporation has excelled in the implementation CSR practices in most of its functions across its offices throughout the world (McDonald's, 2011). In being the world’s biggest chain of fast food restaurants, McDonald’s considers that CSR is about taking concrete action, accomplishing results and sustaining openness in communicating with consumers and other major stake holders. The company closely collaborates with its suppliers in promoting socially responsible systems within the supply chain in keeping with its supply chain policy and complying with its larger strategy based Framework for Corporate Social Responsibility. McDonald’s has clearly stated on its CSR website that it abides by its code of conduct prescribed for suppliers, which explains how the company requires its suppliers to deal with their workers. In keeping with its supply chain strategy, McDonald’s will carry forward its policy of social accountability across all its supply chains. It has already been successful in improving conditions of farm workers in several locations who in turn promote positive environmental systems in land based agriculture supply chains, thus creating sustainability in agricultural activities. For instance, by inroducing industry leading growing standards for tomato farmers in Florida, McDonald’s made improvements in the working environment of tomato growing establishments and transformed them into sustainable businesses. Community Involvement through Community Based Projects One of the approaches to engage in CSR is by adopting community based developmental projects. Community driven and community based developmental projects are considered important forms of providing development support by international socially responsible organizations. Economic relationships in this regard mean the adoption of strategies involving the larger community in the main business activities of the organization.

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