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Complete 6 pages APA formatted article: Kung Fu as One of the Most Celebrated Chinese Artifacts.

Complete 6 pages APA formatted article: Kung Fu as One of the Most Celebrated Chinese Artifacts. It is important to point out that most cultural artifacts have changed their meaning over time for several reasons. In this regard, this essay will highlight major changes that have taken place in the Chinese martial art, commonly referred to as kung fu.

To start with, the history of Chinese martial art is full of vital information that indicates the reasons for the popularity of Kung fu. According to TalkKungFu, the Kung Fu martial art is one of the oldest martial arts to have existed in the world dating to over 4000 years ago (1).&nbsp. This indicates that Kung Fu has been a part of the Chinese culture for a long time hence integrated into many socio-economic activities in the country. In addition, it is a common understanding that most ancient cultural activities were introduced either for specific rituals within a community or for important community events. Incidentally, this happens to be the same for the famous Chinese martial art celebrated even in other parts of the world. Initially, the Chinese soldiers were taught Kung Fu for use in combating opponent armies in their battlefield (TalkKungFu 1).

Considering the fact that Kung Fu enabled the Chinese soldiers to perform excellently on the battlefield, the martial art was propagated by several Chinese dynasties for many generations. Therefore, Kung Fu became one of the core pillars used by Chinese emperors to maintain their leadership stable. For instance, the Zhou Dynasty, that existed between1122 BC – 256 AD promoted Kung Fu significantly to a point of introducing new aspects known as Jiao Li in the martial art (TalkKungFu 1).

Of more importance, Kungu Fu has great importance to Chinese citizens as well as people from other parts of the world. Firstly, as a Chinese citizen, I am proud of Chinese martial art. This is because art not only promotes Chinese culture among the indigenous people but also promotes cultural identification of Chinese in different parts of the world. For example, more often than not, I have met people who ask me questions concerning Chinese martial art.

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