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Complete 7 page APA formatted essay: Dr. Browns Medical Office.Download file "Dr. Browns Medical Office" to see previous pages... The physician's office is an independently run office that also functi

Complete 7 page APA formatted essay: Dr. Browns Medical Office.

Download file "Dr. Browns Medical Office" to see previous pages...

The physician's office is an independently run office that also functions as a business organization in itself, and it must compete with other local physician's offices. The organization is named after the physician, Dr. Brown, and is referred to as "Dr. Brown's Medical Office." The medical office,

which focuses in dermatology, has provided a good organizational structure to assist adult learners and those working to gain knowledge of the field. Trainees, for instance, are always working under somebody, and they usually participate in several aspects of examinations and do other jobs around the office. The training is a very hands on experience. The office also continues to offer training courses and opportunities to learn one on one with the doctor as necessary, thus encouraging the learners. The business is attempting to improve its prospects by moving its skin care products online and thus reaching a larger target audience, since it had always been recognized as a local business. Therefore, an analysis of this organization and its interactions with its adult learners is necessary to understanding how the business could better focus on use of technology and the Internet to achieve goals.

Dr. Brown's office has been in business for twenty-one years. They are a local business venture and provide many services. Since the dermatology services offered at this office are not always covered by health insurance, the company must do what they can to keep prices low and attract customers. A variety of local advertising is used in local newspapers and pamphlets. The advertising focuses on the services offered, and the fact that the services here are usually better priced than services at other local offices. The company has been successful, even regardless of the recent recession. It has been able to retain its customers by offering price slashes and returning customer discounts. Furthermore, it has also ventured into offering its own skin care line, which can be sold nationwide on a website, and thus increase the target audience of the company. Therefore, while the company has been hurt a bit by the recession, it has managed to keep itself progressing. It has always welcomed students and adult learners into its environment to assist them with learning about various skin procedures. Sometimes these adult learners work under internship status, and others are assistants that are hired by the company. Both of these adult learners are usually still attending college and learning about both skin care and the business aspects of this type of industry.

The environment of the office is very friendly and very clean. It emulates the feeling of a very well-taken care of office. The office itself is located in an old house, and when renovating the office it was decided to keep some of the more "homey" aspects of the house. The waiting room is setup with couches for comfortability, as it is very inviting to the customers. However, the actual rooms set up for patients to visit the doctors are all setup to meet medical standards. Each has a sink, the necessary medical supplies for the various procedures and check-ups involved, and a place for the patients to lie down. The environment itself has the employees function on a variety of levels.

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