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Complete 7 page APA formatted essay: Human Nutrition.Download file to see previous pages How to asses patient's nutritional statusThe basic idea in the any assessment of nutritional status is making s

Complete 7 page APA formatted essay: Human Nutrition.

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How to asses patient's nutritional status

The basic idea in the any assessment of nutritional status is making sure that there is measurement made have a relation with protein stores and body fat, must be related to health and how the body functions and the assessment must also be accurate.

The first aspect that a doctor or therapist should check is weight. This is because it is determinant of the degree of consumption in the body and it also indicates the level of total substances in the body. (Galdston, 1960)

The assessment should also include measurement of Body Mass Index. This is a ratio of weight to height. This was an idea that was introduced after it was realised that height influences weight. BMI is important in determining nutritional status because it gives an indication of the level of fat and protein reserves inn the body. This is quite important in determining the severity of nutritional deficiency.

One can also use measurement of mid upper arm circumference. This is procedure used to determine the width of the area found between the shoulder and the elbow. This is a tool especially useful for dealing with young patients.

All the above measurements have a limit which can be considered acceptable. if patients exceed this limit then they are at a high risk of worsening their heart disease and serious dietary treatment should be started.

Possible dietary nutritional options present

Coronary Heart disease can be treated by dietary methods. One such method that has been proposed is the CCME. This is a combination of.

Vitamin E


Co-enzyme Q 10

L- Carnitine

These nutrients are essential in the control and improvement of energy in the body. This is achieved through the activation of intracellular...

This paper approves that dietary changes are perhaps the most influential diet changes that can be done by any patient. Patients should try to reduce their consumption of saturated fats and instead take products that are made with unsaturated fats. If possible fat should be kept at bay in their diets. They should also avoid food that is rich in cholesterol. They should also avoid transforming fats like margarine because these fats are easily oxidized by the body. Low cholesterol reduces blood pressure and is quite helpful to patients.

It is also advisable for patients to adopt Mediterranean rich diets. These are diets that have the following food items. lots of fruits and vegetables, little wine and a small amount of animal fat, animal products like sausages, goat cheese, lamb also olive oil and bread.

The patients should also avoid meals that are high in sugar content and should also take foods that are low in carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are digested by the body and converted to sugars. All these factors will prevent the diseases from deteriorating further and will keep it under check.

This essay makes a conclusion that as the famous saying goes, prevention is better than cure. The best way that CHD can be handled is through its prevention. One must ensure that they have a healthy lifestyle and must try their best to avoid high risk practises. These include smoking and over consumption of a fat rich diet.

A proper balanced diet will equip the body with the necessary machinery to fight out disease. It boosts the immune system and helps in the regulation of hormones that control body functions.

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