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Complete 7 page APA formatted essay: Project Management.The secondary challenge is based on the optimization of resources in a well organized manner (Larson &amp. Gracy, 2003). We are living in the wo

Complete 7 page APA formatted essay: Project Management.

The secondary challenge is based on the optimization of resources in a well organized manner (Larson &amp. Gracy, 2003). We are living in the world of modern technology where execution of different software applications has made the complex methods simpler. Similarly, there are many software tools available that have made the process of project management much more effective and efficient. For fulfilling this purpose, Microsoft project is one of the basic tools that have captured the most of the importance these days. It has helped in the costs reduction, improved productivity, enhanced collaboration as well as it provides the facility of connected platforms. There are Ten Commandments of using MS project: 1. Thou shall save incremental versions of one's work. 2. Thou shall provide the right level of detail to the right project participant. 3. Thou shall not waste time trying to get MS Project to do things that a good spreadsheet would do. 4. Thou shall change today's date to the appropriate time when creating a status report. 5. Thou shall check to make sure the program is doing what you want it to do. 6. Thou shall be patient in using the tutorial and help function to learn MS Project. 7. Thou shall save forests by printing only those pages one needs. 8. Thou shall help each other in mastering this program. 9. Thou shall not go insane by working with this software for more than 1 hour at a time. 10. Thou shall always remember that you are in control, not the software. Most Important Commandment Providing right level of detail to the right project participant is the key element or the soul of any successful project therefore, it is the most important commandment among the 10 commandments. For this commandment, information is the basic component that is required to attain the desired results. Information related to planning, execution, implementation, controlling, resources, time, budget, scheduling plays an effective role in pre-decision making process (Larson &amp. Gracy, 2003). It is also very important to discuss in detail and in-depth, each and every characteristic of the project with the project member to run it effectively. On the other hand, it is very important that each member of the project should be updated with the relevant information according to the role and project specifications. For example, the higher the role is, the greater would be the amount of information provided. However, the basic reason in the failure of any project depends on the lack of information provided by the management to any project member. 11th commandment can be added to use Microsoft Project i.e. Thou shall be tested rigorously to check the functionality of it with respect to the requirements laid down during the start of the project. Advantage of Using Project Management Software Application overshadow the disadvantages The advantages overshadow the disadvantages because the chances of project success increase by the successful implementation of these applications. It manages the overall budget of the project, evaluates the risks associated with it, calculation of the costs and lastly, the business forecasting. It also helps in developing the performance reports and charts. It is a user-friendly software overall ( Mochal, 2006).

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