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Complete 7 pages APA formatted article: Differences between a Leader and a Manager.

Complete 7 pages APA formatted article: Differences between a Leader and a Manager. A leader is someone who is in a position whereby he has followers under him in any organization. Closely related to this is the work of the manager that includes management is an art and is defined as a process used in the achievement of the goals of the organization or its objectives. Leaders and managers play related roles and are an integral part of any organization or entity. Therefore, workers or employees in a particular organization need managers to assign tasks as well as define the purpose of the organization. This requires that the managers organize the workers in order to maximize the efficiency of the workplace or organization while at the same time nurture skills, inspire results and actively develop talents. The question that then begs to be answered is whether a difference between leaders and managers and what are the benefits of having good or better ones in an organization. As already discussed above, the managers set the direction in which a company should be run through aligning the human resource available, motivating and inspiring them in whatever they do. Managers, on the other hand, have the management task assigned to them and are required to achieve the goals of the organization that may include planning and the making of budgets, organizing and staffing, solving problems and other control duties. Several researchers agree that managers play an important role in budgeting, controlling and organizing how an organization is run, while the leaders offer a vision for the organization while at the same time organize how different aspects of the organization can be changed. A research paper commissioned by the Financial World in 2007 titled “Manager to Leader: making the transition” distinguish these two confusing terms by discussing the distinction between good leadership and good management. Therefore, the main differences between leadership and management are the well-pronounced ability of leaders to communicate effectively to achieve success. In the current business environment, leaders play an important role in dealing with change while the managers ensure that things run smoothly. The differences between leaders and managers can be discussed under different subheadings that clearly distinguish a person as engaged in either management or leadership. In terms of the development of a vision, the manager plans and budgets while at the same time develop process steps and sets the timelines. A manager should exhibit an impersonal attitude that will help it achieve its aims and visions. moreover, the leader sets the directions and develops the vision for running of the organization while at the same time employing strategic plans for achieving the vision and aims of the organization or entity. The leader must always be passionate about the goals and visions of the organization in which they lead. In the development of human resource and networking, the manager is involved in organization and staffing. Heat the same time maintains structures through the delegation of responsibility and responsibilities. Managers are actively involved in the implementation of the vision through the establishment of policy and procedures important for implementing the vision. Leaders play an important role in aligning the organization through proper communication of the vision, mission, and direction.

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