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Complete 7 pages APA formatted article: Has Organisational Culture Now Replaced Organisational Structure.

Complete 7 pages APA formatted article: Has Organisational Culture Now Replaced Organisational Structure. Taylor and Herbert Simon are all Americans.

To enable the readers to fully understand the research question, the researcher will first define organizational structure as well as the organizational culture before comparing the difference between the two management control methods. Through the process of conducting a literature review, the researcher will identify the evolution of organizational structure and organizational culture.

Prior to concluding as to whether or not organisational culture has totally replaced the importance of organisational structure as a more dominant method of management control within an organisation as well as whether or not it would be a good idea to consider whether these sorts of generalizations can be applied in a global manner or whether they tend to reflect the dominance of the US experience in management theory, the researcher will seek to examine the degree of detachment from the use of the formal rules and regulations within the UK government organization.

Organizational structure is the structural pattern that is created within the organization based on the importance of each employee’s role. (Mabey, Salaman, & Storey, 2001. Mullins, 1993) The main purpose of the structure is to organize the allocation of work and responsibilities so as to hasten the accomplishment of the organizational goals. With the presence of an organizational structure, it is easier for the leaders to develop a strategic plan and control the internal activities within the organization. (Mabey, Salaman, & Storey, 2001)

In line with the organizational structure is the classical bureaucracies which are normally based on a set of principles of hierarchy, authority as well as organizational control. (Weber, 1981 [1945]) These bureaucracies are structured into different compartmentalised hierarchial layers to determine the significance of the employee's authoritative power&nbsp.within the organization.&nbsp.

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