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Complete 7 pages APA formatted article: In Libya human rights are severely violated by Moammar Gaddafi.

Complete 7 pages APA formatted article: In Libya human rights are severely violated by Moammar Gaddafi. Libya as an independent state emerged on 24th Dec 1951 through negotiation in United Nations by King Idris. Libya was proclaimed a constitutional and a hereditary monarchy under King Idris. Libya was firstly a poor state with a weak economy, but the condition immensely changed when a discovery of significant oil reserves was made in 1959.Economy boosted from a subsequent income of petroleum sales to many countries in need of oil to progress and within a span of time, Libya got recognized as one of the wealthiest country as measured by per capita GDP. King Idris ruled Libya for about 11 years after independence when he was thrown by a military coup named Col. Moammar Gaddafi in 1969 in the name of Revolutionary Command Council, who legally owned no position but ruled the state for about 42 years. Gaddafi’s regime was proceeding with a motto of unity, freedom, socialism and was taking an active part in Palestanian Arab cause, unity between Arab states and encourages domestic policies according to social justice. Gaddafi’s new government worked on non exploitation and on an equal distribution of wealth. In his early years Gaddafi claimed the withdrawal of all foreign military officials, along with the closure of Air base for U.S and British Military in 1970s. Afterwards, he also ordered for the expulsion of thousands of Italian residents and the closure of libraries, community centers and cultural councils operated by foreign governments. Later in late 70s his political, religious and cultural ideology which was known as Revolutionary Views were being transferred through peoples bureau and institutions operated overseas. Gaddafi ruled Libya for about 41 years in the name of democracy and equality. His son carrying the same theory said: “My father has been promoting the idea of direct democracy in Libya for almost 26 years now,” he said to New York Times reporter Craig S. Smith in December, 2004. “It’s quite rational and logical that we have to continue in that direction.” Here one can decide the level of democracy governed by a Colonel and not letting fresh mind and blood to come with better ideas to rule the country. Gaddafi stuck to his position until the outer forces forced him to leave his governance. Gaddafi’s false democracy was a disguise of dictatorial views which he kept on imposing on civilians in the name of democratic elections. But there must be a lot good that he has done with his people for which the public was quiet and happy for about 41 years. It is undeniable that Gaddafi provided his people the best sources of income and highest per-capita income in Africa.Fight in Libya is now no more a civil war but expanded until NATO forces interfered and branched out the issue into different aspects: United States and E.U was concerned for Libya’s interest in long range ballistic missiles and other development of missiles, and both conventional weapons and weapons of mass destruction. Sanctions were also passed through International Governmental Organization to Russia to stop arms export to Libya. Human Rights were violated in Libya by Gaddafi’s regime. Peacemaking in Libya cannot be achieved until there is a close civil-military co-operation.

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