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Complete 7 pages APA formatted article: Video Conferencing: Threatening Business Travel.

Complete 7 pages APA formatted article: Video Conferencing: Threatening Business Travel. Several publications put an emphasis on the developments and realities of video conferencing. The illustrated case after case of people making use of video conferencing and avoiding travel (Davidson & Cope 2003). A number of companies, such as Siemens, LifeSize, and Cisco Systems, have been developing this form of technology for several years now (King 2009). Fortunately, or unfortunately for others, the rapid progress of the current economic crisis is speeding the pace of its implementation. It is not likely that video conferencing can replace business travel, yet companies are increasingly resorting to it as the drawback of the technology—such as dropped calls, wobbly connections, and confusing delays—mostly has been remedied (Tracy 2009).

This essay is an attempt to discuss the possibility of video conferencing replacing business travel in the near future. Through specific examples and empirical evidence, this essay aims to give light to this new trend in technology and business tourism industry. The current literature on this issue includes the inexpensiveness of video conferencing and transforming economics as well as the ‘not so sophisticated’ adaptations of the technology such as those provided by Google, yahoo, or skype. These low- and high-tech video technologies are by now beginning to transform numerous procedures not just in the business tourism industry but also in other professional and skilled sectors of the economy.

Several authors discussed particularly the effect of video conferencing on business travel and reduced popularity of business travel. For instance, Hewlett-Packard and Cisco have experienced a considerable growth rate in their video conferencing units over the recent decade (King 2009). The enterprise of video technology is fascinating in two points. First, from the point of view of the customers, although the direct capital needed is not negligible, it evidently saves a great deal of money (Beaverstock, Derudder, Faulconbridge, Witlox & Beaverstock 2010). Video technology also embodies a remarkable way for employers to prove to their employees their concern for both their work/life balance and for making their business socially responsible (Collis 2002).

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