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Complete 8 page APA formatted essay: Channel Managment.Download file to see previous pages... In the contemporary world, people recognize the importance of working in a team. A team is a group of peop

Complete 8 page APA formatted essay: Channel Managment.

Download file to see previous pages...

In the contemporary world, people recognize the importance of working in a team. A team is a group of people that are brought together by a common task or responsibility. As there are different qualities present in different kinds of people, they are usually utilized to the maximum extent while working in a team. This is the reason there is much emphasis paid on working as a team. to incorporate the maximum effort from different resources. In this project, we have been asked to prepare a class debate on the effectiveness of channel management and the practices that are being used in it.

In order to conduct and effective debate, we made sure we divided the work according to the qualities a person in a team had. It was made sure that equal amount of work was given to everybody so that there is no cognitive dissonance or dissatisfaction on the part of the team members over working. The whole team was asked to work on the research for the relevant material and the proof reading of the researched work was my responsibility. This was done to ensure that the quality of material that was being used does not deviate from the standards and was at par with the upmost standards.

To make sure that the information was valid and comprehensive, much emphasis was paid on gathering information from scholarly reports and magazines that have repute in the eyes of others on the basis of their quality. Articles were searched from known writers to ensure credibility and authenticity.

The collective work of the team included preparing strong debatable points that were needed to be presented in front of the audience and the tutor. It was the collective of all the group members to prepare the presentation material and it was made sure that all the members were informed of every piece of information that was gathered so that everybody was equally prepared to give in suggestions about the debate and the benefits. Another important task that was divided among the group members was the gathering of information that was required to prepare the whole report.

Evaluation of information was done by making sure that the information that was being gathered was from reputable sources and scholarly. so that there is no doubt about the authenticity of the information. Evaluation of information is generally done on the quality and source. To make it free from partiality one has to make sure that the source that is being used should be a third party presenting an opinion so that there is no element of biasness and the information is pure. Similar procedures were used to evaluate various literature sources that in the end helped us to make our report bona fide.

Preparation of debate is an entirely different process. It involves brainstorming sessions and cross questioning so that all the queries of the prospective audience are answered in such a way that they don't get a chance to object and get persuaded without any doubts in their minds. Therefore, all the above were practiced to ensure that there were no loopholes left in our debate that was to be presented in front of the class.


Channel management basically means the management of various entities that are working in cohesion at different steps in businesses in the supply chain.

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