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Complete 8 pages APA formatted article: Gender Inequality in Employment Is a Result of Women Choices.

Complete 8 pages APA formatted article: Gender Inequality in Employment Is a Result of Women Choices. The disadvantages facing various women are a major root of inequality, and this is not just in the UK but worldwide. Various statistics particularly those by government agencies indicate that there’s still a wide gender gap that needs to be remedied. For instance, 30,000 women today lose their jobs annually due to pregnancy. Likewise, over 100,000 are raped each year yet only 7% of these cases are finalized, and the rapist be convicted. Similarly, two women die each week as because of domestic violence (Bradley, 2013 p., 164). Shockingly, these are just statistics for the UK. The statistics for other nations particularly less developed countries could be obviously worse. More often than not, women are discriminated against in health, employment or labor market, education, political representation just to mention but a few. However, in recent days they have been considerable debate whether these incidences of gender inequalities on women particularly those related to employment have been as a result of their choices. One can largely agree with those who support this debate particularly after critical analysis of facts and societal experiences.

Gender inequalities normally occur when an individual is treated unfavorably due to their gender. But unknown to many, these inequalities at work originate much earlier in individual’s life due to their career choices or the choice made on their behalf by their families. One can find herself discriminated at workplaces due to different career choices made. Through critical analysis, these are the root causes of inequalities of women at workplaces. To date, many women tend to have a mindset that various courses are for their male counterparts (Kimmell, 2011 p., 33). The women have for years deliberately considered inferior career paths compared to their male counterparts and these, in the long run,&nbsp.make them less competitive career-wise in their positions at workplaces.&nbsp.

The choices they make later in life influence opinion about which careers are perfect for women, for instance, to fit in with caring obligations or responsibilities.

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