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Complete 9 pages APA formatted article: Organizational Behavior of Cutter Aviation.

Complete 9 pages APA formatted article: Organizational Behavior of Cutter Aviation. The research paper "Organizational Behavior of Cutter Aviation" talks about Cutter Aviation, strongest Fixed Base Operator of America that provides aeronautics service to the industry of General Aviation since 1928. It has been a dominant service provider of General Aviation for the United States.Cutter Aviation believes in following the procedures of team building to encourage innovation. It has been providing a training program to all its employees to stimulate innovation. Their aim behind providing these programs is to enhance the skills of its employees, their decision-making ability and communication skills. The training programs have helped the employees to acquire knowledge in achieving their activities. This makes the company develop new innovative products. The organization faces the problem of bureaucracies in developing new strategies. These bureaucracies can be reduced by following two stages: Firstly, identifying the obstacles prevailing in the company and secondly, the company needs to identify the strategies that are required to implement change. Finally, the organization should implement and follow the steps accordingly. However, before implementing any change, the organization should make employees understand the importance of proposing the change. Cutter Aviation has been able to build an environment that is collaboratively supported by all the experts of the organization. The company supports the employees by providing them sufficient resources and training programs.

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