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Complete 9 pages APA formatted article: Why Professionalism in Radiology Department Is Mandate.

Complete 9 pages APA formatted article: Why Professionalism in Radiology Department Is Mandate. This research article assumes that Medical Radiation Science practitioners suffer from low self-esteem because of the fact that Medical Radiation Science is not recognized to be as much a profession as medicine and law are. According to the article, Medical Radiation Science is an emerging profession that has yet to be recognized. The article goes on to define the meaning of the words profession and professionalization. A profession is considered to meet five criteria which include: “a possession of specialized knowledge which can be acquired only thorough higher education, representation via a professional organization, a distinctive code of professional conduct, autonomy, and altruism”1. According to the article, since Medical Radiation Science meets three requirements that exclude autonomy and altruism, by definition, Medical Radiation Science should be considered a profession. The attitudes of Medical Radiation Science practitioners have been discussed in the article, along with the effect that workplace culture has on the Medical Radiation Science practitioners. This paper critiques the research that was conducted by Sim and Alex with the aim of proving that research is a professional mandate.

The title of the article, ‘Profession and professionalization in medical radiation science as an emergent profession,’ has failed to clearly define what the article is about. The title includes the study population and what major outcome is being measured. It is clear from the title that the study population is Medical Radiation Science practitioners. The major outcome being measured is the emergent profession and professionalization of Medical Radiation Science. It is, however, unclear what methodology will be used to measure observations made from the study.

The aim of the article is to examine the challenges that Medical Radiation Science practitioners face as they struggle to be recognized as professionals.

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