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Completing the creation of most of the tables for the Online Vehicle Sales (OVS), Inc.

Completing the creation of most of the tables for the Online Vehicle Sales (OVS), Inc. online transaction processing (OLTP) database based on the supplied ERD, and fully populating all the tables you create. You will also be performing a number of queries against the populated tables. 

Your OLTP tables will be populated with a large number of rows since this is intended to simulate a large number of transactions which will make the data warehouse you'll create in later assignments more realistic. 

In Assignment #1 you already created the CUSTOMERS, VEHICLES, and SALES tables based on the ERD, and populated them with a few rows of data.

Create the FINANCING_PLANS, SALES_FINANCINGS, and SALESPERSONS tables and fully populate them. You will not be creating the other tables in the ERD. 

You will be making up your own data and in many cases you will need to reuse the same customer, vehicle, and financing plan data for your sales. 

For all six tables, unless otherwise specified, you must include all necessary integrity constraints including primary keys, foreign keys (except to tables not created), CHECK constraints, UNIQUE constraints, and NOT NULL constraints. It is good practice, but not required, to explicitly name your constraints. 

database on Nova or any other Oracle system you wish, but you must use the Oracle RDBMS. 

You should use one or more SQL script files. Do NOT submit your SQL script files. Doing so may result in confusion and will result in lost points. 

If you are using SQL*Plus put all your SQL and results together in a single SPOOL file. If you are using SQL Developer or other GUI, put all your screen snapshots in a single file. For a SPOOL file you need to show all your SQL and results. For a screen snapshot file you need to show at least the first 10 INSERT statements and all other statements. You must show the results of executing your SQL statements right after the SQL statements. Failure to do so will result in lost points. 

Do NOT submit additional files as this only complicates the grading, and will result in lost points. 

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