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Compose a 1000 words essay on Ending Hunger from the Elderly Population. Needs to be plagiarism free!Download file to see previous pages... On the other hand food insecurity is also increasing at an e

Compose a 1000 words essay on Ending Hunger from the Elderly Population. Needs to be plagiarism free!

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On the other hand food insecurity is also increasing at an exceptional rate in less developed countries, but its growth rate is also significant in the elderly population of the developed nations including America. According to the survey conducted by (Weill), majority of the elderly population in US, is suffering from the phenomenon of malnutrition and food insecurity. However the solution lies in developing a better food distribution network in US, which should provide the food according to the need of every individual and family irrespective of the race, religion and age. This solution is most logical one, because of the observation registered by (Pothukuchi and Kaufman) that points out a deficency in the food distribution system in US. This unjust distribution system for food is the evidence of racism in the culture of America (Zolberg), where whites have so much food to stock, whereas the people with colored skin are starving from hunger. Another factor which is contributing towards growing hunger in elders, is the individualistic culture that motivates people to concentrate on their own lives, therefore, they have little time to care about their elders (Savikko). The growing phenomenon of hunger is also causing the health standards of elders to drop significantly, because the medication, these people are taking require healthy food intake for its effectiveness. Majority of the researchers are emphasizing on the implementation of the policies to raise the degree of self sufficiency through training and development (Bowenng, Clancy and Poppendieck), but this paper is against this viewpoint, because old people are often unable to grasp new skills and their ability to actively work is also become limited due to aging. However, govermental agencies are also fairly active in providing relieve to the elderly population in America, but these activities are proven to be less than effective in uprooting the undirsable situation caused by hunger. On the other hand if this condition is not countered effectively, then it will encompass other citizens of US in round about five years, because right now, US agricultural sector is producing food that is more than its need, but the population growth will cause severe food shortage in US food market, during coming years. In this situation Americans will have to import food items from other countries, which will result in rise in the prices of food items in the local market. This will, therefore worsen the situation for elderly population with minimum income level. It is evident, from the above discussion that, US ought to plan for the demand and supply situation concerning food in the future, otherwise the shortage of food will increase and encompass other members of the population along with elders. The methods of economical health services along with the less expensive and consistent food supply for elders in the society, could be an effective measure for counteracting the developing phenomenon of hunger and food insecurity. Conclusion In the light of a thoroughly conducted field survey, 80% of the food deprived population is constituted by African American elderly males in the shiny city of New York (Bowenng, Clancy, &amp. Poppendieck, 1991).

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