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Compose a 1000 words essay on Sales Management. Needs to be plagiarism free!Download file to see previous pages... The examples can be a deafening silence, beautiful ugly, constant variable etc. The u

Compose a 1000 words essay on Sales Management. Needs to be plagiarism free!

Download file to see previous pages...

The examples can be a deafening silence, beautiful ugly, constant variable etc. The use of oxymoron for sales ethics puts forward the meaning that sales and ethics are two opposite concepts. To explore this in detail, the phrase sales ethics is an oxymoron means that in sales there is no place for ethics. The sales persons cannot be ethical if they have to get their work done properly. The sales force has to maneuver facts, figures and details in order to sell their product and beat competition. The corporate race these days compels the companies and their sales representatives to speak positive about their product and make it appear larger than life in order to attract customer attention. In this era of increasing prices, fierce competition, the firms cannot add too much value to their products but are compelled to show a luring picture so that their sales graphs go up. These days it is all about graphs number and profits, goodwill, loyalty has taken a back seat. Having mentioned the above general perception regarding sales and ethics, let us validate and form an opinion based on concepts and analysis. For centuries the great writers and philosophers have been trying to come up with the definition of ethics. The word ethics is a complex concept and its complexity is derived from the lack of a universal definition. Ethics is different for different people, what I believe to be ethical may be unethical for someone and vice versa. “Ethics, in fact, is all about fairness and equity, and a fine balancing act, the balancing treatment of the two parties involved, sharing of benefits and losses, and sharing of the good and bad consequences or misery imposed by calamities, natural events etc.” (Madhavan 2008, 4) The field of ethics is very subjective. it is a personalized value system and judgment that varies from person to person. It deals with a person’s emotional values along with the logical benchmark. anything below that line of ethics is unethical and wrong. But the fine line between being ethical and unethical has blurred over the years. More and more firms are entering into marketing gimmicks and tricks and trade of the sales games and calling it ethical because of its commonality. Having talked about personal or individual ethics let us now explore business ethics. In any organization the value and opinions are formed by the people working in it. How well an organization carries out its value and conveys it to its customers depends upon the conduct of its employees. “Business ethics is the study of business situation, activities, and decisions where issues of right and wrong are addressed.” (Crane and Matten 2007, 5) The firms need to establish a morally right and wrong criteria as an ethical value system in the organization. Every individual in the organization should work towards the good of the organization and individual selfish gains should be avoided for the firm and society to prosper in an ethical manner. However, the real world of business posses several ethical confusions and issues to the sales force putting them into an ethical dilemma.”Anyone who wants to succeed in sales should be aware of the ethical issues that can arise. For a number of reasons, activities related to sales seem to have a greater frequency and level of ethical issues.

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