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Compose a 1250 words assignment on analysis and evaluation of an argument. Needs to be plagiarism free!

Compose a 1250 words assignment on analysis and evaluation of an argument. Needs to be plagiarism free! Since then, the desire to develop anti-ageing strategies grew in him. He has done several researches and merged them with logic ideas. That is why he says that ageing is rather a curable disease is any other.

His reasoning is based on the body tissue that results in metabolism. He said the effects of metabolism are what brings about growing old in human beings. He felt the need to enable people not to lose the ones they love anymore due to health issues, lack of liveliness, and the ability of functioning in ageing process (De Grey, 210). He felt this loss had to stop since the majority of the people that died due to old age always had agonizing and very expensive death. The expense was due to that old people were vulnerable to lots of diseases and there most of the time is spent with medical assistance. Old people are not productive. This is because they can hardly assist in any job. They are therefore seen as valueless in the society.

Aubrey De Grey has developed seven biological related steps to help slow the ageing process of human being. These steps help to repair the damaged organs in the body ones the ageing process crops in the body (De Grey, 222). Accumulation of damaged organs in the tissue of the body is what brings about diseases and other problem that result in death in old age. Cellular damages occur seven ways in the ageing process. Therefore, the seven steps are to help clean the junk of the cells both inside and outside. As people age, there tend to be worn out cells that need to be removed and protein cross-linking in the body.

The bad cells are the one that causes the diseases of old age and therefore, they need removal and the body needs to be induced to produce new one. Prevention is always said to be better than cure. Dr Grey uses the quote a lot and says that people should not wait until they develop ageing problems to be cured.

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