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Compose a 1250 words assignment on aoc network solution. Needs to be plagiarism free!

Compose a 1250 words assignment on aoc network solution. Needs to be plagiarism free! LAN provides a popular solution of the client/server computer configuration by allowing the interconnection of devices such as servers, clients, sharing of printers, OCR readers, and high-resolution monitors. In addition, LAN is an infrastructure for the Intranet. There also exists various topologies that support various network design (Faircloth, 2013). In this paper, a discussion will be made on the best possible LAN design for America One Car (AOC) dealership.

Topology and cabling of the enterprise LAN

Regardless of the network adopted, a topology is created by the geometric arrangements of the link together with the nodes making up the network. Link, in this case, is the communication path between two nodes, where a node is an endpoint to any branch of a network. Since AOC would like to set up a LAN network serving desktop and laptop computers, I recommended the star topology which would be the most suitable in such a setting.

The star topology works well in a setting where the control of the network is centrally located in a node or a switch. This means all the routing of the network messages traffic from the central node to outlying nodes will be performed by the central node. This helps to relieve outlining nodes of the control function. In this topology, the central control is a single point of network failure. The disadvantage is that if the central control goes down, the entire network goes down with it. The central node serves as the timesharing host (Targowski, 2003).

The central switching hub, characteristic of the star bus, is considered as a point of a very short-length bus. Optimization of networking costs for the network design has to take into account minimal cabling costs, cable plant labor costs, and flexibility for a future upgrade as well as maintenance costs. Since cabling costs are of prime importance, I recommend a linear layout since it provides a favorable solution by providing minimal cabling length. Moreover, I would choose the coaxial cable, which is efficient and relatively cheaper compared to the optic fiber cable. In anticipation of the future growth of AOC, the cable plant has to reach every office within the building.

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