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Compose a 1250 words assignment on code of ethics: problems. Needs to be plagiarism free!

Compose a 1250 words assignment on code of ethics: problems. Needs to be plagiarism free! It concerns their duties to the social work profession and to the broader society. (NASW, 2008).

The workers' responsibility to clients is the first in the list of the ethical standards. It identifies that one of the most primary concerns of the workers is the welfare of the clients. Thus, the responsibilities of the workers to their clients include: (a) commitment to clients (b) Self-Determination (c) Informed Consent (d) Competence (e) Cultural Competence and Social Diversity (f) Conflicts of Interest (g) Privacy and Confidentiality (h) Access to Records (i) Sexual Relationships (j) Physical Contacts (k) Derogatory Language (l) Payment for Services (m) Clients Who Lack Decision-Making Capacity (n) Interruption of Services (o) Termination of Services. (NASW, 2008)

All these ensure that client interests are maintained such that workers must help them clarify their aims and explain to them, in a language they understand, each and every detail of the service and help them make decisions in the best of their interests. Also, they must recognize their own competence before helping them. They must alert them of any conflicts that may arise and must realize their right to privacy.

The standards that come under this concern (a) Respect (b) Confidentiality (c) Interdisciplinary Collaboration (d) Disputes Involving Colleagues (e) Consultation (f) Referral for Services (g) Sexual Relationships (h) Sexual Harassment (i) Impairment of Colleagues (j) Incompetence of Colleagues (k) Unethical Conduct of Colleagues. (NASW, 2008)

All the ethical standards mentioned above realize the colleagues' rights to respect and confidentiality within a working environment. If they work in teams, conflicts must be resolved through a proper channel. The workers should realize that if and when conflicts arise, they must not take advantage of clients. Colleagues must be consulted for advice when it interests the clients. Also, supervisors must not engage in sexual activities with those under them and must not make any such advances with colleagues when it could give rise to conflict.

Social Workers' Ethical Responsibilities in Practice Settings

These include (a) Supervision and Consultation (b) Education and Training (c) Performance Evaluation (d) Client Records (e) Billing (f) Client Transfer (g) Administration (h) Continuing Education and Staff Development (i) Commitments to Employers (j) Labor-Management Disputes. (NASW, 2008)

This makes certain that supervisors and educators are skilled and trained to do their jobs. They must evaluate others justly. They must make proper records of clients. They must also continually work on their worker skills along with performing their duties to their employers. Finally, social workers cannot form unions to make their services better.

Social Workers' Ethical Responsibilities as Professionals

Workers must behave ethically as professionals. They involve (a) Competence (b) Discrimination (c) Private Conduct (d) Dishonesty, Fraud and Deception (e) Impairment (f) Misrepresentation (g) Solicitations (h) Acknowledging Credit (NASW, 2008).

Workers must only take this work up if they realize the level of competence that is required.

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