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Compose a 1250 words assignment on jewish history in europe. Needs to be plagiarism free!

Compose a 1250 words assignment on jewish history in europe. Needs to be plagiarism free! The aim of this work is to analyze Jewish history in Europe.

The geographical uniqueness of Jewish history had a formative influence on the culture of the Jews. Originating at the crossroads of ancient civilizations in Palestine, Jewish culture developed in constant contact with the surrounding nations. The Jews had a significant impact on the development of Christian and Muslim civilizations, but they were not isolated from outside influences. Being an absolute minority among other peoples, the Jews always hold fruitful dialogue with different cultures, seeking to identify and strengthen the foundations of their identity as a part of this dialogue.

Expulsion and persecution of the Jews led to the scattering of the Jewish people in all corners of the world, from North Africa and the Ottoman Empire to the discovered America, and was accompanied by the increased isolation of the Jews and their expulsion to the periphery of public life in Europe. Despite the severe economic conditions and persistent pursuit, creative life has not died among the Jews. They translated many classic works in Hebrew, which were studied in the original Greek and Latin languages. In the Renaissance period, Italian and Dutch Jews were the teachers of many humanists who protected the Talmud, when the fanatics have erected against the fires of Jewish books. In the period of social and religious upheavals, Jews were the first victims of violence. Bloody persecution of the Jews began from the time of the First Crusade (1096), when they were defeated by the rich Jewish communities on the Rhine, in Trier, Speyer, Mainz and Cologne. Jews were massacred, women have been raped, and children forcibly baptized. Till the end of the XVIII century, the Jews in Western Europe were periodically persecuted. Kings and other authorities, when they needed money, expelled the Jews from their possessions and took away all their property.

In many states and cities, Jews were subjected to&nbsp.a variety of oppressions: they were forced to be baptized, lived in special quarters (ghettos), wore special suits and so forth. In many places, they were only allowed to deal exclusively with money growth and trade.

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