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Compose a 1250 words essay on Art Tour. Needs to be plagiarism free!Download file to see previous pages... Thus, the first art painting under consideration – Untitled – was created by Clyfford Sti

Compose a 1250 words essay on Art Tour. Needs to be plagiarism free!

Download file to see previous pages...

Thus, the first art painting under consideration – Untitled – was created by Clyfford Still in 1956. We shall start our tour from it and then move to the next four works of art. So, you will have an opportunity to watch Philip Guston’s The Light (1964), Adolph Gottlieb’s Apoquogue (1961), Sean Scully Catherine (1982 and 1991). All the above-mentioned art paintings present American abstract expressionism. This term was firstly used by Robert Coates in 1946. The art movement we shall observe today takes its roots from an American post-World War II art movement. It should be noted that the name of this notion appeared from the combination of European abstract schools (Synthetic Cubism, the Bauhaus and Futurism) and the emotional intensity expressed by the German expressionist artists. You will see that Clyfford Still, Philip Guston, Sean Gottlieb and Sean Scully used abstraction to create their works. It seems that their purpose was to impart mood and inner state, not exact form of the object. It is necessary to stress that these artists tried to pay more attention to the colors they applied to create an art painting. Very frequently they worked with psychological and a highly articulated use of color. This feature is the most evident sign of abstract expressionism. During our tour you will see that all the five works are related to each other. It is easy to see that the artists belong to the same movement and pay practically no attention to the form of their works. Sometimes it is even difficult to guess what is demonstrated on their canvas. However, all the art paintings deserve attention as they appeal to both human mind and feelings. Clyfford Still’s Untitled. As you enter the main entrance of the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth, the first thing you will see is Clyfford Still’s Untitled.1 Although all the five paintings under consideration are made on canvas, this one is the biggest. It is not by chance because Clyfford Still tried to demonstrate the enormity of the county’s landscape. Critics frequently call this person one of the most influential American artists. According to Clyfford’s point of view each painting is just an instrument of human thought. Perhaps, that is why he did not give a title to some of his art paintings. This one is also untitled. Maybe he wanted to appeal to the audience’s imagination and give everyone an opportunity to connect this picture with some idea. You also may create your own title for this art painting. An artistic process was a journey for this artist. It helped to understand his self and the world around him. That is why each work created by Clyfford Still has its purpose. As for this one – Untitled – here texture was used as a central element. The author of the painting tried to relieve color and hide its traditionally “pleasant, luminous, and symbolic” characteristics. On the contrary, he wanted to stress the expressiveness of the image by means of selection, method of application and juxtaposition. That is why the works created by Clyfford Still are non-objective. It is seen by means of the masterpiece you are looking at now. This artist is also known as a celebrated Color Field painter. Still never put colors in a simple way, like for instance, Rothko. When we are watching his art paintings, we may see that here the colors seem to be “torned” off the canvas. This gives the impression that all colors are revealing underneath.

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