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Compose a 1750 words essay on Genetic Disorder. Needs to be plagiarism free!Download file to see previous pages... The parents are currently in confusion and denial. As a nurse handling the coordinati

Compose a 1750 words essay on Genetic Disorder. Needs to be plagiarism free!

Download file to see previous pages...

The parents are currently in confusion and denial. As a nurse handling the coordination of their plans for handling the care of this yet unborn child, it will be important to give clear advice and instructions in order to facilitate the best possible outcomes in a very difficult prognosis. The Interdisciplinary Team Because of the complexity of the situation with the Trosacks, it is important that an interdisciplinary team be constructed to fulfill all the needs that they will have as they progress through the pregnancy, and then into dealing with the issues that their infant will present. Ideally, a therapist who has special knowledge of special needs children and the issues their parents face would be the most beneficial. Starting before the child is born will help them to emotionally prepare for the circumstance of their child having Tay-Sachs. Establishing the relationship with the therapist will begin their journey and in addition the services of a priest who is in touch with the family during the course of their child’s life may provide a source of comfort as they proceed through the experience. According to Desnicck and Kaback (2001), parents of children with Tay-Sachs experience the death of their child three times. The first time is when the condition is diagnosed as they begin to realize that death will come in short time to their child. The second time when they come to a realization that the nursing needs of their child is beyond their capacity. And the third time when the child succumbs to death. Care for the Trosachs will need to be interconnected through mental health and community support, in addition to the medical interdisciplinary team. A well designed interdisciplinary team will help the Trosacks to manage the care of their child. The medical personnel that will be vital for the wellbeing of the mother and child are as follows: a nutritionist, a family physician, a pediatrician, a medical geneticist, and a visiting nurse. The nutritionist will be vital in creating an eating plan that minimizes the need for the enzyme, creating an extension of life through the best possible food intake that can provide for the body to function at the best possible level. A medical geneticist will be the clinician who initially confirms the diagnosis of the Tay-Sachs disease. The medical geneticist will assist in providing methods of managing the illness, who will measure the hexosaminidase activity which occurs in the white blood cells and in the plasma (Orshan, 2008). While there is no cure or real treatment for the condition, there are several care management methods that can help to alleviate some of the symptoms of the disease (Ricci &amp. Kyle, 2009). The medical geneticist will work with the pediatrician in creating substantive care for the infant into early toddler age during the time before the child may need to be put into a full-time care facility. A visiting nurse will help to ensure that a continuation of the care that is needed is attending, monitoring the child’s progress, and making recommendations to the parents and the team in order to coordinate care.

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