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Compose a 2000 words essay on How the Company Seeks To Deliver Customer Value. Needs to be plagiarism free!Download file to see previous pages... The corporation is committed towards, meeting the need

Compose a 2000 words essay on How the Company Seeks To Deliver Customer Value. Needs to be plagiarism free!

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The corporation is committed towards, meeting the needs and tastes of its discriminating customers spread across the world with continuous innovation and by delivering quality of drinks. In order to strengthen its brand image and increase customer awareness, the company makes considerable investment in sales and marketing activities. The operations of the company are categorised into six major segments which involve Eurasia and Africa, Latin America, Pacific, Europe, North America, Bottling Investments and Corporate (Hartogh, 2007). Correspondingly, the purpose of the report is to critically examine and explain how the selected company i.e. The Coca-Cola Company seeks to deliver customer value. Organisational Objectives The Coca-Cola Company has established missions and objectives in order to guide its operations in the future period. Accordingly, the mission and objectives of the company are to: Refresh the entire world Inspire moments of cheerfulness Create value and ascertain transformation everywhere the company involves Similarly, the organisation has also articulated certain vision in order achieve its missions effectively and smoothly.

Correspondingly, the visions of the company are subdivided into six major categories which include profit, people, portfolio, partners, planet and productivity. The vision of the company is briefly explained below: Profit: The company intends to provide fair returns to its shareholders while performing its organisational responsibilities People: The organisation aims at offering a cordial place for its employees to work wherein every individual is inspired to contribute their best towards the accomplishment of the organisational missions Portfolio: Coca Cola further intends to create new brands and sustain strong ‘brand portfolio’ by prudently meeting the needs of its customers Partners: The company also intends to grow its business along with ensuring the growth of its partners as well as aims at creating nurturing relationship with all its business partners Planet: Coca Cola not only strives to increase its ability to generate the revenue but also desires to become one of the most responsible corporate citizens Productivity: It aims at being a highly operative, lean and fast-moving corporation Source: (The Coca-Cola Company, 2013) Product and Brand Portfolio Coca-Cola offers an assortment of 500 brands and 3500 beverage products in different locations of its operations. The products of the company include sparkling and still beverages such as water, teas, coffees, juice drinks, sport drinks and energy drinks. It can be stated that the organisation has strong brand image across the globe. Essentially, a brand can be defined as the promise made by the business organisation to satisfy the needs of its customers. A strong brand image facilitates the business organisation to reinforce its reputation as well as seek large customer base. As far as branding is concerned for Coca-Cola, it has been ascertained that the company has made maximum utilisation of available resources for developing a strong brand image.

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