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Compose a 2000 words essay on Legalization of Abortion in the United States. Needs to be plagiarism free!Download file to see previous pages... The subject of abortion has also been an issue central t

Compose a 2000 words essay on Legalization of Abortion in the United States. Needs to be plagiarism free!

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The subject of abortion has also been an issue central to many arguments. Abortion has been viewed by different perspectives by different groups of people. It has been considered to be a matter of personal choice and it is argued that every individual has the right to choose whatever he wills for his life. It is explained that if the mother wishes to opt for the process of abortion, it is her legal right. This stand is argued against by religious and ethical groups. Ethical groups present with the explanation that it is unethical to kill an unborn baby. Religious groups also uphold the same argument that human beings do not hold the right to end the lives of others. Abortion is an important subject and the legal justification of this matter should be considered to be an achievement of the human race towards attaining freedom of their rights as every individual is the master of his own life. The rise in the population of the world has resulted in the utilization of different methods of contraception. The usage of these methods is to prevent unwanted pregnancies and childbirths. Abortion is also a technique utilized for the avoidance of an unwanted pregnancy. Abortion is defined as the ending of the pregnancy which results in the death of the products of conception. The procedure of abortion is utilized for different reasons which include family planning, contraception as well as putting a control on the population. A more important purpose of abortion is for saving the pregnant woman from life threatening emergencies that may result if the pregnancy is continued. There are different techniques utilized for carrying out the procedure of abortion. These include the administration of drugs which result in the expulsion of the fetus. The second technique is the surgical intervention whereby abdominal surgery is performed to remove the fetus. The last method is the insertion of surgical instruments through the cervix for removal of the fetus (Monga et al., 2011). Abortion is an issue that arose and became a subject central to debates in the United States in the second half of the twentieth century. The Supreme Court of the United States took a final stand on the issue and the procedure of abortion was legalized in the year 1973 following the legal case of Roe v Wade. The decision came as a wanted verdict by many groups who argued in favor of the procedure of abortion. People who had been facing the problems owing to the fact that they were not permitted to carry out this procedure even if it was very important, considered this decision to be a relief. The debates with regard to abortion continue today and proponents of abortion argue that the legalization of abortion in the year 1973 was the most appropriate decision as abortion is a technique which should be allowed for women who wish to avail it (Stolberg 2009). Women who lived in the era before the legalization of abortion believe that it was the most correct decision as they consider the fact that the period before this legalization was very difficult. The case of Louise Macintosh highlights the difficulties faced by the women. She became pregnant before her marriage and the disclosure of this news could have harmed the normal living of the family. She did not confide her problem to anyone and opted for a secret abortion.

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