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Compose a 2000 words essay on Writing about personal learning and literature. Needs to be plagiarism free!Download file to see previous pages... All three genres will be analysed thoroughly in order t

Compose a 2000 words essay on Writing about personal learning and literature. Needs to be plagiarism free!

Download file to see previous pages...

All three genres will be analysed thoroughly in order to pick out one genre for which the rationale will be provided. Lastly, it will serve to explain how this module has shaped up my creative skills as well as developed an appreciation in me for the literary arts. Literature has always held a critical importance in education. Today, it seems that students need to not only study from literature, but also recognize how it relates to their lives. The genre approach to literacy includes being explicit about the manner language works in order to create meaning. It stands for engaging the students in the part of the novice with the teacher in the part of a professional on function as well as language system. It also means that an emphasis is placed on structure as well as content, in addition to the sequence of steps that an apprentice goes through in order to develop literary skills in an official educational situation (Cope &amp.Kalantzis, 1993). While the number of genres and their portions have multiplied since classical eras, the dissection of the literary sphere into three key genres (by Aristotle, Plato as well as Horace), is still valuable. These can be termed as lyric, drama and epic, and are characterized by their "manner of imitation," which means how the characters and their action are portrayed (Bakhtin, 1983). Genre studies allow the students to track a certain process to discover and develop an understanding of what makes each genre special and unique. By engaging in the learning of these processes, a student will begin to understand the various forms of writing, in addition to how to write in a more effective manner. Genre theory is an extremely proficient method of teaching the writing curriculum because of its intense focus on the specifics of a specific genre. It also provides the students with a probable way to develop a written paper as well as critique the writings that fall within the various other genres. Genre theory as well as instructions also seeks to provide the educators with the strategies, knowledge and skills to aid all the students instead of just the ones struggling (Derrida &amp.Ronell, 1980). The genre approach (schema approach) is used to teach children about literature starting with the simplest literature form – prose and then moving onto increasingly sophisticated concepts for e.g. drama and poetry etc. Children are taught to learn to understand the different genres, as well as write proficiently on the simple ones during the early years of their schooling, when their writing is at the beginning level. Young children are familiarized with a number of different genre categories through anassortment of books as well as reading materials used during the class (Allyn&amp. Bacon, 1893). Abstract thinking and spatial reasoning comes naturally to many children and is often developed, further, throughout the academic process in grade school and into high school. With many programs paying attention to math and sciences, there is an equal amount of children who are exposed to, and prepared for, creative projects. Methodical approach to academics may not always lead to the artistic and creative development of a child creative values must be instilled in children, from the very beginning. The skill of creative writing can be developed in children at a very young age. As communication is vital for our society, teaching children to write well will often lead to better communication skills. The creation of greeting cards is a unique way in which parents can encourage the creativity of their children. Even from the beginning of his life holding a crayon and creating a greeting card for a birthday, or holiday, will provide the child with the first exposure in creative writing.

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