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Compose a 2500 words assignment on netflix & comcast. Needs to be plagiarism free!

Compose a 2500 words assignment on netflix & comcast. Needs to be plagiarism free! Therefore, in illustrating the point, a professor brought in as a resource personnel told the USA Now program how it works. In explaining the process, the professor identified a ban on neutrality as a US federal law that was meant to prevent anti-trust activities and provide equal opportunities for entities around the United States (Roger para 3).

However, after a reversal of the ban, Netflix can pay Comcast in order to get Comcast to grant them a larger bandwidth so that their consumers can get faster downloads. This is naturally because of the fact that Netflix customers download DVDs and other large files that can be painfully slow. Therefore, it might be a necessity for Netflix to pay for faster downloads. The downside of this is that it clearly affects competition for other entities that might need to use Internet Service Providers (ISPs). Also, the fact that entities can pay for these services will increase competition which might be financially motivated. This might lead to higher prices that will be transferred to consumers.

Clearly, there is a conflict between the two ideologies and concepts. There is a tension about different classes of stakeholders, like Netflix consumers who might justify this as a necessity against the general set of service providers who need faster internet services from ISPs and consumers who do not want to be forced to pay more for Internet because of this competition.

The media has taken sides from different angles in order to present their views. This has caused different media houses to tilt towards the two different schools of thought. This essay examines Independent news media networks are balanced media houses that provide a balanced reportage on the subject (Haus 28. Freedom House 302). Other biased entities or alternative news sources try to take a stand on the subject (Haus 29).

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