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Compose a 2500 words assignment on the myths of horus and set. Needs to be plagiarism free!

Compose a 2500 words assignment on the myths of horus and set. Needs to be plagiarism free! In short, the myth of Horus and Set is a body of knowledge through which a person can learn the way towards being with the company of the gods, cleanse one’s inner self from impurities and fill it with good and pleasant characteristics.

The value of the myths of Horus and Set cannot be classified in every structure and quality, and therefore cannot be seen, yet it remains with the world from every structure and situation either living or dead. It is most of the time the basic understanding of Egyptian rulers that each situation is an element and the will of the gods and at the same time, the developing of bad feelings as to why it happened is not correct. The main lesson of the myths of Horus and Set, therefore, is to prevent the entry of all negative attitudes brought about by worldly temptations, including a belief of personal identity, and to value and respect the existence of the gods (Muller, 2004).

The myths of Horus and Set have made utilization of stories, parables, and poetry, and it is stated by Egyptian historians that implications can only be attained through a procedure of searching what is right and learning of the personal identity. Even though concepts and theories of the myths of Horus and Set differ among various sects, the myths of Horus and Set in their entirety are initially concerned with direct individual experience.

The story of Sets quarreling with Horus and other gods is existent in the majority of the historical texts in Egypt, involving the Pyramid Texts, writings on the walls of the Horus shrine, and other historical references. The Chester Beatty Papyrus No. 1 is the famous historical text that reveals the myth popularly named as The Contention of Horus and Set. Various historians also provided the details of the myth.

These stories normally present Osiris as an intelligent leader and the head of the society, contented with his simple life while being attached to his sister Isis. Set was his always jealous younger sibling, and Set murdered and dishonored Osiris. Isis reconstructed Osiris' dead body and another god (uncertain whether it was Thoth or Anubis) did the embalming process. As the mummy, Osiris lorded over the Hades as the leader in this world.

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